Avengers, Assemble!

Oh wow. So today, I went to the cinema. The Avengers. Four cinemas in Germany (in Essen, Berlin, Paderborn and … the last one somehow wasn’t mentioned?) had the chance to watch a livestream of the European premiere in London, as well as a preview of the film itself (in English – yay!) afterwards. Of course I couldn’t miss out on that. Not even for 10€. (Though those are actually standard ticket prices in most cinemas … especially for 3D versions. Ow ow ow.)

The whole racket was very … interesting right from the start. Especially peculiar were the four men in black suits, who kept a careful eye on us, so that nobody would get out their mobile or camera during the film. It hasn’t officially been released yet, after all – anywhere.
On Germany’s side, all of it was presented by the German TV channel ProSieben. Unfortunately. Though luckily they had problems with the satellite transmission at first, so we saw the official British broadcast. But at some point the *cough* brilliant *cough* Annemarie Warnkross butted in. And began babbling away. Bullshit, at that. Lots of bullshit. It went from “Eric Bänä”, who played the Hulk before Mark Ruffalo did, to “si ÄH-wenndschas” (emphasis on “ÄH”), which we would get to see soon. The two actresses she literally screeched (!) at about how awesome their dresses were, asked them the most generic questions (“How long did you have to work out to fit in your outfit??” – “Was it great to finally get to hit boys??) and in short … just embarrassed herself exorbitantly. I found the original presentation of the whole Red Carpet show at Westfield Shopping Centre a  great deal more interesting. The universal mood in our cinema suggested the same thing. After the event as well, when I was on my way outside, I heard several voices again and again about how it’s “no wonder that the world doesn’t hold a great opinion on Germany, if we send people like that to such events”. Absolutely agreed.

Enough of feeling embarrassed for other people (or “Fremdschämen”, as we Germans like to call it ;D), more about the film. I have rarely enjoyed a film that much! Or at least the last time was very, very long ago. Of course the film is very high-paced – it’s an action film, after all – so all the jokes were delivered in similar pace. Especially if you have a character like Tony Stark on the list. It was engaging, suspenseful, funny, and above all else: well made.
What I’d forgotten (and thus didn’t bring contacts, grrr) was, that it was showing in 3D. I’ve seen a few films in 3D before (Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and I could swear there was another one that is escaping me at the moment), and slowly they really seem to be getting the hang of it, those film makers. While it was very interesting, but headache-inducing in Avatar, and wasn’t really used  well enough in Pirates, The Avengers really offered a good measure of 3D work. There was a lot of playing around with settings and shots, interesting perspectives and gadgetry, it really fit well and didn’t make you dizzy. Apart from this one thing. One building. In front of the Stark tower, there was an old-fashioned building with statues on top of it. You know the type, like the quadriga on top of Brandenburg gate, for example. Those statures are flat in more than one scene. Technically it was over much too soon to really see it / say much about it, but I could swear … !!
But that’s the only 3D “faux pas” that I recognised.

I’d love to tell you more about the brilliant jokes, but unfortunately, pretty much all of them are spoilering the film a lot, so I’ll keep them to myself. So the only thing that’s left for me to say is:

The German release date for The Avengers is the 26th of April. 🙂

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