Summer Semester 2012

My second semester was really weird. For the majority of the last three months, I was pretty ill, protracted stomach flu, so I kind of cheated my way through the semester, dropped classes here and there because I couldn’t work that much, and with the classes that I did keep, I desperately tried not to go beyond the allowed missed attendance limit.

Of course everything started highly motivated, with a fresh start into the summer semester. Due to that stupid illness and general procrastination and lack of motivation it all turned out to be … nothing. Maybe that’s just a general student predicament. Though my fellow students all seem to master it perfectly.

(First semester half: Easter, pancakes, Lunapark (=tiny tiny tiny fun fair in Paderborn)

Last week a stupid cold was added to the list, because the bus driver just can’t get the air conditioning right. During the winter they heat the buses to a ridiculous warmth, and as soon as the temperature hits 25!C outside, they turn the AC up high, which means you’d normally need a jacket, but of course, you don’t have one – you’re dressed for hot weather! So that’s how I got a cold.

Just unfortunate that I wrote an exam yesterday. It went okay though – could have been better, but given the fact that I was in bed with fever for the last 5 days and couldn’t finish studying, it’s alright. Now I “just” have to read to books, pass a few hours in the language lab and write two (or rather one and a half) term papers.

(Second half: Berlin vacation, canola fields, my brother’s cat, Oxford)

I’ve also got accepted to England: next semester will be spent aborad! Though they only confirmed one semester, which is confusing; I applied for a full year.

On top of that, I decided to switch subjects, though I’m waiting for my online application to be processed. If it’s going through, I’m switching from History to English Linguistics. As much as I love History, as a university subject it’s just too much. And since I panic every time I so much as think about holding a presentation or writing a term paper in History, I guess it’s better this way.

I’m definitely excited to see what the next semester (in England! Yeaaaaahh!!) has on offer.