Of Buses and Air Conditioning

Germany is sweating again. I’m someone who’ll feign death at about 25°C, or will hide inside the house, hoping the heat will stay outside (which is often hopeless).

Given the current heat wave and a recent visit to a very air-conditioned shop, it had me thinking about air conditioning in general. It’s a blessing. And about Paderborn’s buses. Which are doing everything wrong.

To cool down a bit, let’s start talking about winter. It’s around zero degrees, maybe it’s snowing. You’re sitting there in your thick winter jacket. Maybe a scarf, a hat, gloves. Your bus is coming. You’ve got a 10 minute bus ride ahead of you, maybe a bit more. You get on the bus – it’s warmer than your living room! While you’re dressed really warm and won’t be on the bus for too long, you’re sweating like a bus, because the driver apparently wants to have it nice and cozy. Taking all of it off isn’t really possible, especially if there are no seats left to sit down.

And at summer time? The other extreme. 20-15°C outside, not too bad yet. The bus could maybe do with a tiny bit of cool air. But what do they do? Turn up the AC all the way, it’s as cold as a fridge. You’re sitting there in shorts and top and wished you had a winter jacket! Which you don’t have. Because, uh, summer.

Shortly before my last week at uni (so: finals week!), two of those overly air-conditioned bus journeys cost me my health. Sounds worse than it was: I got a cold. In summer! Aah!

What can we learn from that? Even in summer time, carry around a jacket, if you have to rely on public transport.

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