Gratitude (and: the Hobbit!)

I haven’t really felt like writing much lately. Primarly because I’m still struggling to fit in at uni, both academically and socially. Nevertheless, the last two months were amazing.

London does bring a few difficulties with it. Public transport and groceries are incredibly expensive, and if you still want to do something touristy despite living there, you really have to dig deep into your wallet. At the “German Christmas Market” at the Southbank Centre – right by the London Eye, so the place for tourists, adding to that the “German ambience” – you pay around £5 (= about 6,20€) for a mini portion of Currywurst (without chips or any other extras).

The experiences you can have are absolutely worth it though, in the end. On December 7th I went to Soho, because the author of the only comic book series I’ve ever read completely, aka Bryan Lee O’Malley, author of Scott Pilgrim was visiting London with his wife, and both showed up at Gosh Comics to sign some books. Since I wasn’t clever enough to buy any (cheaper) edition of Scott Pilgrim before hand to get it signed, I bought the coloured version of Scott Pilgrim vs the World (volume 2) right on scene. Yikes, comic books are expensive!

028(Scott Pilgrim vs the World, signed juuuust for me)

We didn’t have to queue for that long, although it was pretty busy. Maybe for half an hour. Since it was so busy, we didn’t really get the chance to actually talk to Bryan, so we got our books signed, went to The Bratwurst for dinner and then headed off towards Piccadilly Circus, to go to Whole Foods. On our way there we passed Gosh Comics again, and lo and behold: the signing was over, the shop was still open and who was standing there, not looking very busy? Bryan Lee O’Malley. So we snuck back in again and chatted with him for a few minutes. Though we couldn’t really get beyond the whole “We love your comics!! AND THE FILM!”. But: we got a photo!

019(f.l.t.r.: World’s biggest Scott Pilgrim fan, Bryan Lee O’Malley, world’s second biggest Scott Pilgrim fan (aka: me))

The next week I got a text saying that there was a Meet the Cast at the Apple Store in Regent Street the same day, with Andy Serkis, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage und Sir Ian McKellen. Oh. My. God! I hadn’t slept well that day and had quite a bit on my list (my wallet had just been stolen in Covent Garden the day before), so I raced there as soon as I could and got there at around 5 PM, without a penny in my bag, half an hour before it started. There were no seats left (seating was only available for around 30 people anyway – it was incredibly small and, er, intimate!), but I could get a place to stand right in the first row behind the seats. My favourite stars were sitting less than 10 feet in front of me! It was amazing.

(f.l.t.r.: Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis, Sir Ian McKellen. And a radio person.)

And, of course, as probably most of you won’t have missed, I attended the Hobbit Premiere just two days after that. With black tie dresscode and all. I hardly took any pictures of the premiere itself at all, because I was simply too excited. I’m a bit annoyed with me about that, because it really was pretty great. Since we missed the most exciting thing anyway (the stars entering the red, pardon me, green carpet) – apart from Richard Armitage, who was walking a few feet away from us as we were guided across the carpet to the entrance – not much else was worth a picture, anyway.

(He is even better looking in real life! Sexy Dwarf.)

And today it was announced that my favourite young adult author, John Green, is doing an event in London (amonst other UK cities) in early February. Since the tickets for London itself are already completely sold out and I don’t have a card for online payment (as mentioned … stolen wallet), I’ll have to see what’s left over for me once I can pay and if I can afford the train tickets to that place. Crossing fingers!

Overall I think it’s absolutely fantastic to have the chance to experience so many great things and meet so many people who mean a lot to me – or have created something that means a lot to me Happythankyoumoreplease!