Constantly Under Construction


I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy finding new tweaks and things to add to my blog over time. Since I launched it two weeks ago, I’ve made the most important updates for now: added some follow buttons to the sidebar, a background image (yay polkadots!) and a temporary header (she says, about to use the same header image for the next five years…). Not too fond of my tagline, it was a failed attempt at being witty with dinosaur references.

I also added a blogroll (see sidebar). For now I’ve only linked to a very tiny amount of the blogs I follow; these are the ones that I actually read very eagerly at the moment and comment on semi-regularly. If you’d like me to add your blog to the list, get in touch. Chances are I’m already reading your blog, anyway.

Also, if anyone knows any nice UK-based blogs (lifestyle, beauty, food, I’ll take anything, really), gimme gimme gimme! Don’t have anywhere near enough of those in my feed reader.

Since I also know that a few of my friends and family read this blog – and some people say they never have any idea what to get me for my birthday or Christmas or anything at all – I’m being a vain and greedy bitch and added my Amazon Wish List to the menu up there.

Do you have any further suggestions for me that you’d like to see on the blog? Both in terms of content and useful links/plugins/whatever. Give me a shout!
Right now I know that the date display underneath each post isn’t working correctly. I think one of the plugins is causing it, working on that.

I’ve also got two blogposts lined up already (just need to type them out), which is new for me. Yay for ideas!

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