Involuntary No Spend Month

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Oh January, you’ve been such fun. Only not really. Due to a ton of bad luck I’ve essentially just done a No Spend Month – meaning, spending no money on anything apart from vital groceries (and public transport). Actually, No Spend Month-and-a-half.

As you probably already know, my wallet was stolen around mid December. I’d still only had a bank account with my German bank, so when I cancelled my cards, they told me it would be about ten days until my new one got here. Fine, I could make do with that. On the tenth day I was going home to Germany for Christmas, and the card hadn’t arrived yet, fair enough, snail mail and all. And I was going to be with my family, so I wouldn’t need my card there anyway, they could just help me out.
So then I came back from my Christmas vacation, absolutely expecting to find my card waiting for me, but … nothing. The letter with my PIN had arrived, but nothing else. So I called them again. Their only explanation was that it must have got lost in the mail, and the only choice was to cancel the card again and send yet another one. Another ten days to two weeks. Oh boy.

And guess what. The ten days came and went, the letter with the PIN arrived … but no card. What. The. Eff. This time I did what I should have done quite some time ago, made an appointment with Barclays and got myself a UK bank account. My new debit card arrived today, now I’m just waiting for the money I transferred from my German account to get to my new one. La dee da.

But hey, the good thing is that I really didn’t spend any money on anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary (and lots of edible things that weren’t necessary, granted – like loads and loads of chocolate and cakes, because my soul really did need some mending over all this financial crap). After all, I’d only had the cash that some friends were able to lend me occasionally. I’m kind of scared of February now, because I might just go on a massive splurge and buy all the things that I’ve been waiting to buy for almost two months now! But hey, I’ve got a brilliant excuse – it’s my birthday month, and who could say anything bad about me buying myself some presents? Like … lots and lots of presents. Wheeeee money!

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