Oh wie schön ist Wagamama

So today I want to introduce you to one of my favourite restaurant chains: Wagamama! Most English people will probably already be very familiar with it, or if not, at least have heard of it. Still worth talking about. 🙂

Wagamama have branches all over the country with lovely Japanese-inspired food. I’ve been there three times so far, and am absolutely hooked. As someone who is only used to cheap Asian take-out from Germany – even from restaurants who claim to be authentic – wagamama really stands out for me with its lovely food. It does remind me of the dishes I can find in Chinese restaurants at home, but the food is prepared with much more care, and is just overall wonderful. So far, although I promised myself to try something new each time, I’ve only eaten two different main dishes, but also tried a side and some dessert last time.

wagamama yaki soba“yaki soba”: teppan-fried soba noodles with chicken, shrimps, egg, beansprouts, peppers, white and spring onions. garnished with fried shallots, pickled ginger and mixed sesame seeds
[wagamama website]

Yaki soba is definitely my favourite dish. Well, yes, it’s one of the only two mains I’ve tried so far, but fried noodles has always been my go-to in Asian restaurants, so I’m still thoroughly enjoying this. Especially the shrimp and the pickled ginger give it an interesting twist.

Another one that I tried a few weeks ago was the chicken and prawn wagamama pad thai [website]. I didn’t like that quite as much; it was a bit too sweet, and unfortunately the mint was too subtle for my taste.

I’m also massively interested in one of their curries, specifically the chicken katsu curry and chu chee curry. (In case you hadn’t noticed: yes, I really like chicken!)
The prawn raisukaree looks really nice as well, but I kind of need to be in the mood for prawns, so this one might not happen too soon.

As a side dish I’ve tried gyoza with chicken and vegetables, which were also really nice. It was the first time I’ve had gyoza, and I’m definitely trying it again.

Let’s move on to the desserts – ohhh dear god.

wagamama white chocolate ginger cheesecakeWhite chocolate ginger cheesecake with chili toffee ginger sauce
[wagamama website]

This. Is. SO good! I like cheesecake in general, but this was so incredibly delicious. There were little ginger bits at the bottom of the cake, near the crust, and the chocolate/cheesecake combo just melts in your mouth. The toffee sauce has just a tiny hint of spiciness in it, which is good; I don’t like spicy things at all, but this was just the right amount to give it a really interesting twist!

They also serve frozen yoghurt, which seems good, as well as your standard ice cream. As well as, of course, your standard rich chocolate cake and another cheesecake, the passion fruit cheesecake, which I’d also really like to try.

I also had a hot chocolate with dessert, which was by far the most boring item on my menu. Not to say it wasn’t good, it was just a standard hot chocolate. 😉
So yeah. If you ever come across a wagamama, try it out. It’s absolutely lovely, and they’re all over the place!

Oh yeah, and the title is a German reference. Sadly not translatable, sorry guys. 😛

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