Welcome to daneesaur.co.uk!

For ages I’ve dreamt of getting my own webhost for the blog. I’ve now taken up on an offer where I don’t have to pay anything for the first year, which definitely helps the broke ass student part of me, so there we go.

Why daneesaur? Well, my name is Dani, which I’ve sometimes taken up to spell as “Danee”, and I’ve loved dinosaurs since I was a kid. So there’s the obvious pun right there.

I’ve also added a language option now, so this blog will be kept in both English and German. I will now slowly get on to updating the old German blogposts into English, but that might take some time. Google translate will help you until then – and make you laugh with its silly translations.
For new updates, I might not always have both languages ready at the same time, depending on what my time allows. If that is the case, the missing language will follow as soon as possible, though!

If you’d like to follow new updates on this blog, make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed. Thanks a bunch!

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