Bloglovin, BlogConnect and NetworkedBlogs

Just a superquick update: you can now follow on several services. The BlogConnect widget has been there for a while, I have now added Bloglovin and NetworkedBlogs as well. Take your pick! 🙂

Please note: For me, the most comfortable solution to follow a blog has always been my feed reader (I’m using the Google one), so I’m sad to see Google Friends Connect has gone for all non-Blogger users. I would really appreciate it if you used BlogConnect or NetworkedBlogs to subscribe to the blog. Most importantly, because it’s great feedback for me to see how many people actually regularly read this!
Bloglovin is great too (so if you use it, follow meeee~), but the downside is that I can’t see who is following. Which might upcoming giveaways or promotions difficult. It’s entirely up to you lovelies though. x

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