Never Again:

I like recommending good shops, restaurants or services. I really do. Sometimes, unfortunately, you have to talk about the other side of things as well. Bad customer service. Or, in this case: complete lack of any service at all.

needlecraftscreenA little while ago, I wanted to get back into cross stitching and looked into getting some supplies. Coloured Aida cloth, embroidery hoops, the likes. A quick Google search led me to Its layout seemed trustworthy – I am sort of reluctant to order from online shops that look like they haven’t updated their websites since the early 2000s – the products looked nice and inexpensive, so I went for it.

Everything was okay at first. I created an account, placed my order, paid with PayPal. I received the payment confirmation email from PayPal, but, as I only realised weeks later, I didn’t receive an order confirmation from the website itself. This was early February.

The weekend after my birthday (so around Feb 23rd), as I was waiting for presents to arrive in the post, I noticed something odd about the lack of packages, and for the first time wondered where my needle craft parcel was. I checked my emails to see out for the first time that I hadn’t received any confirmation from their side. I then logged into my account on their website in order to check what status my order had, to find out that my order history was empty. I immediately wrote them an email using their contact form, to which I still haven’t received a reply.

Luckily the payment has gone through PayPal, which has at least some customer security, so after I received no word from the shop for several days, I opened a dispute on there, writing the following:

On Feb 9th I ordered items with you and paid £9.20 with PayPal.

Not only have I not received a confirmation of the order via email (other than the information of payment from PayPal), it also does not show up in My Orders on my account on your website.

A week ago I have sent you a message about this via the contact form on your website, and haven’t received a reply.

So by now I have absolutely no interest in any of your products anymore and want my money back.

Thanks for the attention, and please refund the £9.20 ASAP.

After ten days, I still had no reply from the shop, so I escalated the dispute to a claim with PayPal, who acted fast and efficiently and refunded the money a few days later.

In the end, I guess, this is both a cautionary tale to keep your hands off of that shop, but also a big thanks to PayPal for their quick reaction and security for buyers.