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I just felt like doing a small recap of what I’ve been treating myself to lately – I haven’t really eaten out much, or eaten that well at all for the last four weeks, so I only have a few things to share. Worth it, though.

I’ll start off with the things I’ve mentioned in my last post – what I had on my birthday. Mum and I went to Oxford Street, because I wanted to show her Selfridges and the Waterstones Oxford St branch, and since we were a bit hungry, we peeked into the side streets for some interesting place to try out.
Where we ended up was Pure Waffle, which, as the name suggests, is a waffle place. They also had some cakes, cookies and sandwiches, but we just stuck to what we came for. Waffles waffles waffles.

pecan & butterscotch waffle

Mum tried their “chocolate & saucy” waffle, while I opted for pecan & butterscotch. I’m just a sucker for all things toffee, butterscotch or caramel! The waffle itself was very cripsy, the sauce was heaven, and the scoop of vanilla ice cream topped it off perfectly.
However, I remember feeling like it was terribly overpriced. I don’t remember what we actually paid, but I know that it was … well, it was the kind of price you would expect just off London’s busiest shopping street. Doesn’t mean I have to like the price. ūüėČ

For dinner we went to Wagamama at Liverpool St. Oh dear Lord, it was so cold outside, and we couldn’t find it at first. The horror! It was a nice location though.

grilled chicken katsu curry(This is actually my mum’s dish, but since we had almost identical dishes and the photo of mine didn’t turn out nice … have this!)

Although I really, really wanted to order my favourite main, the yaki soba, again, I’d promised myself to try something new, so I ended up ordering the chicken katsu curry. My mum chose the grilled chicken katsu curry, so the only difference was that my chicken strips were breaded, and hers were grilled. And a slight difference in presentation. And well – it’s not my ¬†new favourite dish. I’m a sucker for my noodle stir fries, sorry. ūüėČ I’m also very averse to all things spicy, so although the mild spice of the curry was expected and nice, it’s not enough to make it my most liked dish. Recommendable though. The curry sauce is very good, the rice was nice and fluffy, and the chicken was … well, it was good chicken!

Let’s cut to Sunday this week. After a few days of bad news and disappointing turns of events, I decided to treat myself to something and went to Westfield Stratford City. After strolling through the shops a little bit, I ended up having a burrito at Tortilla. Which has become a bit of a tradition for me, really. I love their food.


Would you look at that. I even cut the burrito in half, making it really inconvenient to eat, just to spare you a picture of a half eaten burrito to show you its guts! The things I do for you guys. I’m committed. Committed.
What you see here is a medium burrito with coriander & lime rice, black beans, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce and some more lime, with a really, really, really mild salsa. Which I like. I know “tru” Mexican food has a base spice that you shouldn’t get rid off, but as I’ve mentioned before – I don’t like spicy food. It just makes my tongue hurt so much that I can’t even taste the food anymore. I’ve tried other burrito places before (such as Mission Burrito), and although their burritos are lovely, even their mildest option is too spicy for me. Which is why I’m in love with this burrito. I would marry it if I could. It’s so delicious. For those normal people who love their spice, they have medium and hot sauces as well, and since I saw a tabasco and a “100% Pain” hot sauce on their shelf, I’m guessing even the craziest spice junkies out there (like my mum) could get lucky here.

After I did my grocery shopping at Waitrose – damn, that chain is overpriced, but their products are so yummy! It was definitely a “spoil thyself” kind of day – I stopped at one of the booths on the lower level of the centre and got myself some ice cream at Joe Delucci’s. And yet again. So expensive. ¬£2 for a pretty small scoop!

Joe delucci strawberry ice cream

It was really lovely though. I had strawberry, and it reminded me very much of the smoothies I used to make, so it basically tasted of just fresh fruits and milk – nothing else. It even had tiny fruit bits, hah! I’d really like to try their pineapple ice cream some time. They let you have a spoonful to taste if you ask. (I didn’t, though).

Take care! x

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