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Okay, okay, okay. This is important. I watched three films I was dying to see, although I’m not really a hardcore fanperson of any of them. I’ve never touched a single Superman comic (nor Iron Man, for that matter – I just don’t really read comic books. Props to the person who’ll get me into them. I’m incredibly interested, but since I didn’t grow up with them I’m overwhelmed by the choices). I haven’t grown up with Star Trek, either. Well, I have seen one of the older films: “the one with the whale”, which turned out to be Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. And sort of absorbed general Star Trek knowledge through geek culture. It also helps that several of the Star Trek series are now showing on  the German Syfy channel almost constantly. And still I’ve jumped on the tumblr bandwagon and became invested in ALL the fandoms. Such a nerd girl hurrrdurrr. /sarcasm

Now, whoever reads past this point:
Everything following the break will be riddled with SPOILERS.
If you haven’t seen any one of the three films and care about not being spoilered, stop reading. Sorry.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

I was fortunate enough to go to the cinema with my brother. It certainly helped that he’s a bit of a Star Trek fan. … or well, he just knows a lot about it. He’s a goddamn knowledge sponge, so it’s hard to tell what he actually likes (and thus remembers a lot of trivia about it) or just picks up facts because that’s what he does. Either way, he hadn’t been to the movies in ages, so I felt it was my duty as his lil sis to take him. … also I really wanted to see Star Trek, and it’s always better to have company. Right? Right.

Now, I can’t say how true JJ Abrams is staying to the whole Star Trek universe. I have no idea. And I’ve heard from both sides. People that complain what the fuck he’s done with the awesome and tender philosophy that is Star Trek and turned it into shallow action films, and people that admire how well he’s managed to merge something new with the old vibe. So, uh. Yeah.
Personally, I liked it. A lot. A whole lot. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were a great duo, Simon Pegg was hilarious, Zoe Saldana was as awesome as  she always is (*waves fangirl flag*). And, uh, right, this Benedict Cumberbatch guy was pretty alright too, I guess. (Translate: OH MY GOD THIS GUY IS THE GREATEST ACTOR I HAVE EVER LAID EYES UPON, IT’S RIDICULOUS WHAT HE CAN DO TO HIS VOICE TO SEND SHIVERS DOWN MY SPINE AND IT IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD THAT HE IS GOING TO BE VOICING SMAUG THERE IS NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD WHO WOULD HAVE BEEN A BETTER CHOICE. Thank you.)

What really annoyed me was the character of Carol Marcus. She was underdeveloped and didn’t serve all that much of a purpose than as a damsel in distress, which is really sad, because she could have been so much more. I have read that there were a bunch of deleted scenes that developed her character a lot better, and it’s really sad that they weren’t included. I’m hoping they will be in a Director’s Cut, or at least a bonus feature on the DVDs/Blu-rays. Also, what the eff was up with her underwear scene? The plain definition of gratuitous. (They decided to keep THAT in but deleted the half-naked shower scene with Benedict. Bitches.)

I also acknowledge that Khan was pretty … white-washed. I mean, he’s Indian in the canon, right? I get that the new franchise is taking on a different timeline to the original series, so they have more freedom, blablabla, but still. Star Trek has always been very diverse, and now they’re taking old existing characters and give them a “Western” look? Meh.
Well, as I’ve never seen anything with/about Khan, it’s not exactly like I’m personally enraged about it – it’s more of an acknowledgement of what I can understand Star Trek fans to be upset about.

Also, is Kirk pretty much immortal/superstrong now, because of Khan’s blood? idgi. Somebody explain.

Iron Man 3

My cinema at home does have original screenings from time to time, but the first time Iron Man 3 was out, I was lazy. The second week it was only showing at 11 PM, and the day that I picked out to go I had a lovely swollen eye and could hardly see shit, so I ended up missing it.

Until I met up with my lovely cousins in Münster to see my favourite band, and discovering that Münster has a cinema with loads of original screenings as well. S C O R E. So I ended up staying half a day longer to go watch it.

… hm. Okay, so, I liked it. Somehow I felt that something was missing, but I don’t know what it was. It might have been the humour, which was lacking a bit, but when the protagonist is suffering from PTSD, it’s kind of obvious that his usual jokes won’t be quite the same. I liked the way they treated PTSD, btw. Part of my disappointment might have been that I had only seen the trailer, which I found to be kind of misleading in comparison to the actual plot. It seemed to be more about the suits becoming sentient (and that causing more of a problem than one almost attacking Pepper in a single scene) than, well, something else like such as the Mandarin and human torches.

The twist surrounding the Mandarin and Killian was interesting, but somewhat expected. In hindsight, that’s always easy to say, but I think it’s fair to say that Killian was way too much of an arsehole to be dependant on anyone else. But hey, Guy Pearce. Nice. I hadn’t even bothered to look at the cast list, so that was a surprise. Rebecca Hall as well, who some might know from Parade’s End.

Liked Stark’s interactions with the little boy. And can’t begin to say how excited I am for The Avengers 2 (though that’s still ages away), as well as aaaall the other films in the franchise – and Marvel in general (Thor: The Dark World / Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Guardians of the Galaxy)
… actually, speaking of Marvel:
The Wolverine
X-Men: Days of Future Past
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
S q u e e e e e e e !

Man of Steel

This was a very lucky happenstance. Every Monday, there’s a sneak preview at the local cinema. You pay only 4€ for your ticket, but you have no idea which film you’ll be watching until the opening credits roll.
Every once in a while, they do original version sneaks for all us anglophiles out there, so when I went there the other week with some friends, we were hoping it would be something along the lines of The Wolverine or maybe World War Z, but dreading it might also be something like Grown Ups 2, since comedies are always hugely popular for previews.
What we didn’t expect (or, at least I didn’t), was that they would show a film that was up for release just three days later. But lo and behold, they did, and my friend and I squeed as soon as we saw the DC comics logo showed up on screen. And the audience applauded because SUPERMAN YUSSS.

I have to say, I was appalled by the number of people who left the cinema during the showing. It’s somewhat common with sneak previews, as you have no idea what you’re gonna get, and I’d probably walk out in case of a thriller or horror movie, but goddamn it, you paid 4€ to see a film before its release, is your time really that precious?
Also, if you leave right away, because you’re just all “FUCK DIS SHIT”, okay. But after bothering with the film for half an hour, when it hasn’t even really picked up pace yet, and deciding it’s not worth it? Then I will judge you. Okay, I also sat through Alexander on DVD, which must be one of the worst films in the history of filmmaking, so there you go, but I’d still rather be able to actually have an opinion on a bad film than judge it on its first 30 minutes.

Enough jabbering about annoying people. On to the film. …

okay. Superman is probably the popular super hero I know the least about. I remember watching some old film when I was a kid (young enough that I only remember the gist of it now, like Kryptonite: baaaad), but that’s about it. I know about Krypton, and Kryptonite, and Lois Lane, and how he’s an alien and adopted and his name is Kal-El/Clark Kent and he likes to run around with his underwear on the outside. That’s about it, though. So I came to this with a refreshing perspective, right? Huh.

I … didn’t like the film very much. The visual effects were stunning (duh, Weta Digital had their hands in the pot), but in general, I was disappointed. I liked that they took the time for the backstory on Krypton, but then again, the film took ages to pick up in pace. Did Jack Snyder go to school with Peter Jackson or something? Horrible, horrible pacing, drawn out endings, so much that I wished for it to end about twenty minutes beforehand. While the story itself was interesting, the plot surrounding it was just … weird. I want to like the film. I really do. It has a lot going for it, but they didn’t really make anything of it, in my opinion.

Faora, General Zod’s second-in-command, kicked major ass, though. As did Lois, who at times was actually the only one running around doing something.

I wonder if they plan to make a sequel out of this. Because generally, I feel like “saving the whole planet from the Evil Dude” is not exactly something that can be topped, so what bigger/different fear would a sequel actually present?
You could argue that The Avengers had a similar thing going, but then again, they had the Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man films as build-up. I don’t know.

I kind of expected more from Christopher Nolan? I mean, he’s the genius behind the Dark Knight trilogy.

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