The Past Few Months

Long time no see, etc, etc. I should refrain from starting the posts the same way all the time and just accept that I will always and forever blog very sporadically. Well. Have a little update on what I’ve been up to since the last post.


Photo 14-08-2013 11 14 51

I really do miss travelling. I have been doing a lot of the same short term trips to get stuff sorted out lately, but nothing really interesting. So it was incredibly lovely to pack my bags (or my mum’s small suitcase, rather) and leave to visit the wonderful city of Berlin once again. Of course, as I like to combine pleasure with, well, more pleasure, I’d planned to visit friends and see my favourite band playing live.

Photo 14-08-2013 21 30 42

Cherilyn and her band Dear Reader were amazing as always. This time around, they played at the Arena, a multi-venue concert/bar/beach thingsy right by the Spree. It was intended to take place outside (on a sun deck, no less!), but because of a somewhat chilly evening, they decided to relocate it to another venue on the premises, the Glashaus – an old factory building. Thanks to some happy accidents, I made a few new contacts. That’s what happens when you go to a concert all by yourself. First you feel like an idiot, because everybody else seems to have somebody to talk to and you just stand there awwkwwaarrrddllyyy, and you might not say another word to another person for the whole night – or you might have some interesting conversations with strangers!


Photo 01-09-2013 22 31 21 (1)

This was my first attempt at a sweet pie. I really, really, really have to work on the lattice, I should have made the strips a bit wider, but they were mini pies and it was all very fiddly – and my first time, after all! Weaving the lattice was definitely fun, though. Incredibly confusing as well, though. I love autumn so much. Apple pies, jams, the colours, sweaters and scarves and chilly weather, curling up with a cup of tea … I will hopefully spend this season with lots more baking.

Photo 22-09-2013 23 38 56

I also tried my hand at making jam for the first time. So we got 1 kilo of fresh and local plums from the market and made a little army of jars. 🙂 It turned out a bit too runny and sauce-like to my taste, but hey, again, that’s what first attempts are for, right? Just this week I also picked up nice labels for them, so now they’re ready to be given away. That’s usually the problem I have with baking things – I love baking so much, but I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth anymore. I need more friends to bake for!!


Photo 27-09-2013 15 25 12

Those of you who know me a little bit, know that I’ve been struggling with a nasty chronic stomach thing for quite a while now and have always avoided getting it sorted out. A few weeks back, I got a really nagging headache that left me pretty much entirely invalid and didn’t go away for over a week, so I had myself admitted to the hospital. After some tests (and some really nasty liquids to go with it … I don’t suppose I’ll ever forget that), the diagnosis is a chronic bowel inflammation. Sigh. I still have to discuss treatment options with my doctor, but I really hope this stuff won’t follow me around for the rest of my life. What you see in the picture is an iron infusion I got to help with my anaemia. Which is caused by the stomach thing. Which still means daily headaches for me. Painkillers are my best friend.



I’ve moved a few times in the past, and it wasn’t always (read: never) a very pleasant experience. In theory, I like it, because I like new things, packing things, unpacking things, decorating … but it’s also very stressful and riddled with scary goodbyes.

This time, fortunately, it was surprisingly stressfree. It did take a while to organise things, so I ended up moving in a month late (the hospital visit messed up my plans a bit as well), but it was still in time to get things going without difficulties. We had the actual moving part done in a day, and although I’m currently still bedless and only sleeping on a mattress, and there are a couple of boxes around because of lack of cupboards, I’m pretty much settled down. I blame that on good planning. 🙂

My digital camera is currently not working, so excuse the crappy iPhone photos. That’s one thing that kept me from blogging, that I can’t accompany the posts with good (well, better) quality pictures. But I’ll have to make do. I missed this.