On Language Skills.

I feel like I have overestimated my English skills. I know I’m good (oh boy does this sound cocky), but I’ve realised that talking in English for an extended period of time does drain my energy a lot faster than German does. And that comes as a bit of a surprise to me. I mean, English is second nature to me. When I was at the hospital, having some tests done, and woke up from my anaesthesia, I was talking to the nurses in English, not in German, my mother tongue! I blog in English, hell, I write my personal diary in English, because it just comes easier to me – and feels more natural.

Listening, and speaking, however? Lately I’ve found that I get really easily distracted when I watch TV shows, and especially in English I then find it extraordinarily hard to listen. It has come to a point where I prefer having (English) subtitles when I watch anything, be it films or TV episodes, because I feel I miss a hell of a lot otherwise. Then again, I also find it extremely hard to listen to lectures in German and zone out equally quickly. Maybe it’s more of a problem with attention deficit than language skills, but it’s still bothering me, especially now that I’m having another go at uni and don’t want to, well, stain my clean sheet of language proficiency and other skills.

It’s just annoying to me that I am so used to having no problems whatsoever with English, and now finding some areas that need work. Eugh.

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