Yup. Loving Autumn.


Autumn this year was (is?) absolutely brilliant. For the most part, it was ridiculously warm (my flatmate measured 20°C one day when the sun had already gone down – IN OCTOBER!), and although it’s generally said about my town that it hardly ever stops raining, we’d been somewhat blessed. Not that I mind rain all that much. I’d probably mind it even less if I had more watertight pairs of shoes – currently the only weatherproof pair I have are my winter boots.


And can I just say how very much I enjoy being outside with friends who don’t (sometimes literally) run away as soon as someone whips out a camera?  One day after uni, we just decided in a spur of the moment thing to visit the nearby park and take pictures. Beautiful, beautiful autumn pictures. I had an analogue camera with me, but the photos didn’t turn out well at all. I think out of 24 pictures, only 4 made it to the print, and even those were mediocre at best. Boo. But at least K. took some nice ones with her phone and left it to me to instagram the shit out of them. Mwahahahaha.



My board game friendly flatmates also successfully talked me into playing one, at which I lost miserably (I always do – I have a rubbish attention span for these things. Tactics? Oh please, go away …).

Of course there was also some more baking.


When I bought my new bed, I also bought IKEA’s autumny cookie cutters. I’ve used them once so far, and because I used a new recipe, I immediately failed and was frustrated to no end. The cookies were more like crackers. But not even nice crackers. Doesn’t matter, the guys still ate them all. Score!


I am actually upset to no end that I didn’t think of taking better pictures of these. They’re chocolate cupcakes (yes – again!) with orange-flavoured buttercream frosting and dark chocolate spider webs as decoration. All of this for A.’s Halloween party. They took ages, but the frosting was definitely one of my better attempts. And people loved them. It always makes me so happy when my baking is appreciated! Definitely a big motivator to keep baking. Back at home, those things would hardly ever get eaten. My mum doesn’t have that much of a sweet tooth, and I don’t really like eating the things I’ve baked myself. Not that I think they aren’t any good, it’s just … I don’t know. I guess I taste and test so much as I move along, that I kind of get sick of them before they’re finished.


A.’s party was pretty amazing, actually. I hadn’t actually planned on going, because it was the first one of a two-part party, a week apart, and I’d intended to go to the second one. Since it was Halloween, it was dress up time though, so I kind of had to throw together a last minute costume. I ended up not doing much, apart from exaggerating the make up a bit and taking Alfred, the little plush dragon, along with me. Make of that what you will. I did, however, encounter a zombie … and two Jokers. And several other undead creatures. Holy. Quite impressive.


The second party was supposed to be a dress up as well, though less Halloween-y … I had the perfect costume planned, but because of neighbour trouble they decided to add an outing to a bar and thus cancelled the costumes. … sadface.
Not that that stopped us from enjoying ourselves.

Uni is being stressful, of course. Somewhat. On Monday, I’ll have my first test. And a job interview. Hoo boy. And further along the week, I have an appointment with a doctor to sort out my chronic illness. Exciting stuff, but at least I have awesome people to fall back on if things go awry.



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