He climbed into the belly of the great white duck…

Remember when I told you I had a favourite band? Guess what, surprise surprise, I still love them. So of course, when they were finally playing a gig in Bielefeld again, I just had to go.

I dragged my friend A. with me – who kept on going on about how tiny the concert was; she is, after all, only used to huge concert halls with music to dance your heart out to. (“I can’t believe the people behind us are drinking WINE, what the heck is going on here?!?“)

IMG_6509(Excuse the crappy phone picture quality :/)

The concert was immensly enjoyable – as usual, really. I can go to however many Dear Reader concerts I want, and I’m still baffled by the amazing harmonies, Cherilyn’s kind and happy persona, and the harmony and kinship within the group. I’ve seen her play in three (technically four) different constellations by now, but I do think teaming up with Traded Pilots is the best thing that has happened to the band. … maybe I’m just saying that because I really like Emma and Sam, I may be biased, but whatever!

IMG_6514(Traded Pilot’s Emma)

I think they played pretty much all of my favourites – and did a wonderfully funny little stunt with “Great White Bear” (maybe you can guess from the title reference, the actual lyrics are here) that had all of them in laughing fits. The only thing I am missing, and will probably miss forever and ever and ever, is to see “Heavy” being played on stage. It’s only a B-Side on Dear Reader’s first record, and since they’re now on their third record (or rather fourth, counting the live album that was released, well, would you know it, yesterday!), the chances that I will ever hear it live are slim and getting slimmer.

One thing I always love about their concerts, is that they are always doing the merch stand themselves. Unfortuntately, I’m pretty much running out of things I can buy so I have an excuse to line up and talk to them. Tehehehehe.
(So … thank God for the new album, huh?)

Oh well. I have tickets for their New Year’s Day concert at the Volksbühne in Berlin (YAY!!! I mean, seriously, YAY!!! It’s in the great hall, which is SO HUGE, I’m so happy for them. It’s utterly brilliant!) and I’m also going to the last gig of the tour in Osnabrück. Happy happy. Happy.

Did I mention Dear Reader are awesome?
If you want to check them out, you can find their website here and listen to a stream of their new live album “We Followed Every Sound” on here.