Merry Christmas Everyone!

Mh, past 9 PM on Boxing Day … I’m definitely late to the party. But better late than never!

DSCN2849(My cousin and I and a hidden Christmas tree. That we were very fond of, I promise!)

For the first time of my conscious life, I’ve spend Christmas Eve with my paternal grandma. I remember going there regularly for Christmas Day and Boxing Day before my brother moved back to Germany, but I can’t remember doing the actual gift giving with them (remember, us Germans are impatient and open our presents on the Eve already ;D). So this was a wonderful change. I would have loved for the whole family to be there – we met my brother and his family on Christmas Day back at my mum’s place – but I absolutely adore my cousins. And my grandma. And my aunts and uncles.

DSCN2854(“Naww, look, a lil bird in the tree! (It was a blue tit. Cue all the puns about tits and boobies. Let ’em come.))

That’s all about me for now – I hope you all had a very lovely time with your family – that is, if you’re celebrating … and like your family. If for some reason you don’t like the holidays (or your family), don’t sweat it, they’re almost over, and we all love you!

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