… and a Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a good start into the new year. ­čÖé

My first hours of 2014 were not exactly spectacular, but the evening of New Year’s Day was all the more awesome:
We went to Dear Reader’s Neujahrskonzert at the Volksb├╝hne Berlin!

(Signed poster, woop woop! Sad that I couldn’t find Sam anymore to sign it as well)

Now – you know how I won’t shut up about Dear Reader (read up here and here)? That’s because they are pretty darn awesome. And it was so great to see/hear/experience them play on such a famous stage. One of Cherilyn’s big dreams, as far as I know.
The concert was great – they had a very similar set list compared to the last concert I’d been to (Bielefeld), but hey, it’s the same tour, no big surprise there, right? Right.

I’m kind of sad that the tour is coming to an end soon. I’ll definitely be at the gig in Osnabr├╝ck as well, but I’d reallyreallyreally love to go to another one.
Bochum would be the closest. But because train times are rubbish, I’d either be stranded in Bochum until the first train at 5 am, or would need someone to drive me back home. Which is an hour and a half. Not exactly something people would just … do.

Oh well. I’m sure it won’t be long until they play new concerts. Right? Riiiiiight?

The rest of my (short) visit to Berlin was great as well.
One day was spent at the Ankerklause (I’m in love with their potato salad!) and at a friend’s flat, indulging in a Supernatural marathon.
On the day I went back, we had burritos. Oh boy, I miss burritos! They are so expensive around here.

Now uni has me back in all its glory. Roughly another month to go until the end of the semester (and on to the semester break)! I don’t think I really know what to do with all that free time. Maybe my broken laptop will be replaced by then and I can watch ALL the films … and not see the light of day for two months! (Yay?)

Happy, happy 2014, may it be kind to all of us.