Life Is Good.

And that’s a wrap for January. Time really does go by faster the older you get, huh? In less than three weeks, I’ll be 23. What.

All I can say is, 2014 is a blast. So far, at least. Of course it comes with its challenges, but I’m confident that sooner or later, I’ll master them all. (Oh my god, this is some sort of motivational bullshit speech, I’m realising that, I’m so sorry!)


(Kevin Devine, 19/01/2014, in Münster)

Apart from the Neujahrskonzert I referred to earlier, I went to two more concerts in January. One was Kevin Devine in an adorable little nightclub in Münster.

I’d seen him sing live twice before, one time was on my birthday four years ago. Man, memories!
This gig was just as great as the others, and a real cute intimate thing. I mean, we were sitting on the ground on cushions! Doesn’t get much cozier than that. It was also a pleasure to chat with Kevin again. What an amazing person, what an amazing artist. I can’t wait until he shows his face in Europe next, hopefully with his band in tow.


(Cherilyn, 25/01/2014, Osnabrück)

And of course, I made another Dear Reader concert. The last one of the tour, actually.
It never gets old. No matter how many times I hear the stories about the songs, they are always told in a unique way; they really know how to work with the atmosphere in the audience (which, by the way, is always great – must be the awesome music and amazing people).

IMG_7070Their support this time was Lost Lander (see picture), all the way from America. Well, half of the actual band, anyway.
But what a half! Sarah proved some amazing multitasking, keeping up with three different rhythms at times and singing alongside it. Amazing skills.

IMG_6985Other than that, personal stuff has been kind of a rollercoaster.
I am entirely occupied trying to decelerate my life – I’ve got so used to always being one step ahead of myself, that I find it increasingly hard to sit back and be in the moment. That goes down to the simplest things of wolfing down my food way too fast, because in my head, I’m already in my next class, or back in front of the computer to continue watching that show, or whatever.

So that means taking my time. Being prepared so I don’t have to rush. Accepting that I am a little turtle that needs a lot longer for some things (such as getting ready/waking up in the morning) and planning accordingly. It’s a nightmare, really. I’m not making very good progress. But I refuse to give up.