New Technology.

As I mentioned in my last post, 2013 ended in my laptop breaking down and deserting me. Boo for that.
Due to some financing difficulties, I had to go almost all of January without a computer, which is, umm … let’s say, slightly bad for an addict like me. In the end, it just forced me to go outside and see friends more often (and either enjoy their company or use their WiFi, but shh). So it wasn’t half-bad, in the end.
Still, I was incredibly happy to get my new notebook. I’ve had it for exactly a week now, and yup, it’s beautiful.


 It’s a Lenovo G500s. Of course on the inexpensive side of things. So far, it’s proven to be a great choice, though I haven’t really had the opportunity to test all aspects.
Gaming, for example. I don’t really have the money, time or mind to invest in video games right now (though, theoretically, I’d really like to go back to playing some WoW).

Everything I have tested so far is running smoothly, though. I’m slowly getting used to Win8, as well. Beyond that, it’s ridiculous how fast, silent and cool the laptop is compared to my old one. Kind of glad to be rid of that, to be honest. Was a bit of a mistake to buy.

Seriously though, this thing is so quiet that, after turning it on, I have to go back and check if I really did press the button, because it’s making no noise whatsoever. And then the screen pops up and I’m all “oh okay, goodie”.

Typing is a bit weird, though. I keep on accidentally hitting the touchpad and highlighting (and then deleting) everything I wrote, which is massively annoying, but perhaps it’s just a matter of practice (and rubbish touchpad placement).

This is a bit of a pointless post, but hey. New laptop. Love it.

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