Be Still

Lately I’ve had trouble with chronic fatigue, which has made me notice how much of a time waster I am. That is, when I have the energy to actually do something.

Most of the time I spend wasting away on the internet, refreshing the same websites for the umpteenth time in the hope there’s some new stuff on there.
I seek distraction by passivie activities. And I’ve decided I don’t want that anymore.
Not just. I like Tumblr, and watching TV shows, and films, and YouTube videos – that won’t stop. But I want to make something. Create something. Engage with something. Not just reblog, reblog, like, reblog. It’s not enough for me.

I want to use the time that I have, without impatiently waiting for the next thing to distract me. Enjoy myself without wondering if I’d better be spending my time elsewhere. Be in the moment.

Be still.

in Life.