New Phone, Who Dis?

Lately, my old phone’s really been getting on my nerves. Well, when I say old, I mean the phone that I bought two years ago and that is still working perfectly.
… apart from the fact that it has only 8GB. And the camera isn’t the greatest. And it was slow. And … listen, I just had to justify buying a shiny new gadget, okay?

new phone

Being the person that I am, I didn’t get the new-new iPhone (waaay too big for my hands, anyway), and instead opted for the iPhone 5s. With 32GB. To download aaaaall the apps.
Along with it, I splurged a bit further to feed into my dinosaur obsession and get myself a real pretty case for it.

new phone

I got this off redbubble, and so far, I’m really amazed by that site. I have no idea how vigilant they are in determining if their artists are the real copyright owners of their work – probably not very, to be honest – but I really am fond of the quality of their items.
I’ve ordered some vinyl stickers on there in the past, which made me go back for a phone case now, and it’s really sturdy, the print on it is very high quality, and the price isn’t too bad for a custom piece by an independent artist. Artists on redbubble earn about 17% of the retail price – to be quite honest, I have no idea if that is a lot or very little, but there it goes, just throwing that information out there.

new phone

The few times I’ve had contact with the redbubble customer service, I’ve always been more than pleasantly surprised.
In short, I’m a fan. #notsponsored (#sadly)

For some shameless pluggin’, I’m also (briefly) talking about the case and the phone in my YouTube video about my favourites this month.

And what have you guys been up to? x

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