50 Things That Make Me Happy

While the Americans across the pond are celebrating the somewhat dubious tradition of Thanksgiving (and Black Friday), I felt I might imitate that feeling. Not necessarily the questionable roots of the holiday – not really interested in committing genocide against Native people – but thinking about things I’m grateful for and that make me happy.

We tend to focus on things that annoy us far too much, especially people that have a tendency towards depression or anxiety, so maybe this list can serve as a reminder to you and to myself that the world is actually littered with beautiful things.

50 Things That Make Me Happy

1. My friends. Whenever I talk about isolation and withdrawing myself, at least one of them is quick to say “yeah but that’s not gonna happen again. You’ve got us now.” and it warms my heart every time.

2. Cats. I don’t own one, sadly, but just looking at cats makes me squee like the lil girl I am.

3. Scented Candles.

4. When a photo (especially an analogue one) turns out exactly – or better! – as I’d planned.

5. Christmas markets. Winter is such a dark and dreary seasons, but Christmas lights and markets make everything better.

6. Warming up with a hot cup of tea after coming back home from the cold.

7. Avocados.

8. Putting on make-up (when I’m not in a rush). There’s something meditative and therapeutic about it.

9. My brother (and his family). Because of our age difference, we didn’t grow up together, but especially in recent years he’s been one of my biggest supporters.

10. On that same note – my cousins. Quite involuntarily and accidentally, I entirely blame them for getting me out of my worst depressive phase and giving me inspiration to start anew.

11. Fresh laundry.

12. My flatmates. Okay, admittedly, I’m cheating, because my flatmates are also my friends, but they deserve a special mention. I’m so happy I’ve got those two, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more at home anywhere else.

13. Dinosaurs. I don’t know when exactly it started, but I’ve loved dinosaurs for as long as I can remember. They still get me all giddy and excited.

14. On that note – Natural History museums. Especially if they have an extensive dinosaur collection.

15. Wild flower beds. Our city has these patches of wild flowers on some lawns besides the roads, and in spring/summer it’s the most beautiful sight. Also: yay bees!

16. Red lipstick.

17. Pretty book covers. You shan’t judge a book by its cover, but that won’t stop me from buying the prettiest one I can get my hands on.

18. The smell of fresh mint leaves.

19. Salted Caramel everything.

20. Looking out the window while riding a train. Especially when it’s snowing.

21. Being able to sleep in.

22. Baking.

23. New stationery. Old stationery, for that matter. Just … stationery.

24. Succulents. One of the few plants that will actually survive being cared for by me.

25. Getting paid for the work you do. Even if it’s just “menial” tasks.

26. Noticing that you’re getting better at things.

27. Making new experiences. Although they’re sometimes just as much a cause for anxiety, overall I love doing new things.

28. Indie folk songs. Especially if they’ve got amazingly dark and sinister lyrics, paired with a cutesy melody.

29. Reading. I’ve avoided books for so long because of a very low attention span, but I’m slowly living up to the name of a Literature student.

30. Making new friends that are already intersectional feminists/socially conscious. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

31. Related to that: engaging discussions about social issues that don’t make my head hurt afterwards.

32. Feeling like I’ve ruined a batch of cakes/cookies, but people love them anyway. (Though maybe they’re just being nice?)

33. Lush. ’nuff said. Just … Lush.

34. London. Hellishly expensive and hellishly crowdy, but it still manages to make me happy.

35. Fairy lights/Christmas lights/Lichterketten. Especially as bokeh on photos. There are whole photo albums on my computer with nothing but bokeh.

36. Hugs.

37. Eating food that doesn’t upset my digestion afterwards.

38. Discovering new cruelty-free brands.

39. Great brand design. Makes me almost not care about the content. Almost.

40. Crisp spring air after a long and cold winter.

41. Pretty architecture. (Who am I kidding, especially in Britain, but almost every place has pretty buildings.)

42. Feeling confident. It’s kind of a new feeling, but I’m digging it.

43. Discovering that whatever it is I’m going through, there are people out there who’ve gone through something similar and can help/relate.

44. Cake.

45. Chai Latte.

46. Christmas spices.

47. Feeling productive.

48. Netflix.

49. YouTube. No seriously, watching the videos on channels I’ve subscribed to is always one of the highlights of my day. So many lovely people.

50. My mum. Of course. xx

Admittedly, this was fairly Christmas-heavy, but what can I say, I’m all doped up on Christmas spirit already.
Soo … what makes you happy?

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