Quick & Easy Avocado Spinach Pasta (Vegan)

‘Tis the season to write something for all those of you who are a bit sick of Christmas posts.
Everybody loves avocado – right? I mean, I sure do. This recipe is something that came into existence after an exasperated look into my not-so-well-stocked fridge. I noticed a half-full bag of a pretty sad half-wilted spinach, as well as half an avocado that had also seen better days. Not to worry, still good, still edible, so I pretty much just put them both in a food processor, blitzed them up and there we go. No seriously. It was that easy. So yeah, all you need for this is a pot to boil pasta in, as well as a food processor or stick blender – though you could probably get away with just really finely chopping the spinach.

It’s perfect for those days where you’re ridiculously lazy (so 90% of my existence) or need something quick. This takes as much time as the pasta needs to cook, and that’s it. Brilliant. And since I almost always have avocado and lime at hand, it should be much more of a staple in my house.

vegan avocado & spinach pasta

 Vegan Avocado Spinach Pasta

Ingredients (serves 1):
½ avocado
2-3 handfuls raw spinach
lime juice
pasta of your choice (wholewheat spaghetti in my case)

1. Boil pasta. I don’t think I need to explain how. (Do I?)

2. Wash spinach. Combine avocado and spinach in food processor. Blend.
(If you don’t have a food processor, chop the spinach, mash the avocado with a fork.)

3. Season to taste with lime juice, pepper and salt.

4. Drain pasta. Combine with the sauce. Done.

Did I lie when I said this was ridiculously easy? So easy, it’s almost embarrassing to call this a recipe? (Almost.)
I’ve had avocado pasta before, and it still is one of my favourite dishes. It’s amazing.

You can easily leave out the spinach, if you don’t like it (or don’t have any). I pretty much just put it in because I still had some that needed to be used!

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