Creating a Holiday Wish List

holiday wish list
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Help out your friends and family this year: tell them what you want!

A lot of people I know are actually stepping away from the consumerist hell that are the Christmas holidays, telling their family and other gift-givers that no, really, I’d rather just have a quiet lovely evening surrounded by family.

Which. Y’know. Fair enough. I on the other hand am thoroughly enjoying giving gifts to other people – although I’ll admit I’m not exempt from last minute panic, because I procrastinated or simply forgot to buy a special family member something.

If you think you might be expecting gifts from someone or have openly announced that you’ll want gifts cause you’re a greedy bitch, thank you very much, do yourself and your benefactors the favour of actually telling them what you want.
Because while I love giving and getting gifts, nothing is more annoying than wasting your money on something your friend doesn’t want – or suddenly owning a gift that you can’t or don’t want to use.

The easiest way out of this, in my opinion, is creating an Amazon wish list. Not only does Amazon have about any product imaginable under the sun, you can link to external products, too.

There are loads of reasons not to want to support Amazon as a company, but you can just use it as a convenient and neat collection and encourage people to shop locally instead.

amazon holiday wish list

If you do want to buy something from Amazon directly, you can filter the wish list by hiding all external items. If you have your shipping address connected to the list, people can actually gift you things that way without having to know your address – perfect for Secret Santa kind of arrangements! You can also sort the list in order of priority or price – I’ve always got it set to priority automatically, but the other option is great for broke students or cheapskates. Wink wink.

My wish list can be found here (or in the top menu of my blog). This post was sadly sponsored by no one, so all this Amazon praise was all my own. Sad face. (Please pay me.)

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