My New Year’s Resolutions for 2016


For a long time, I held on tight to the assertion that resolutions, especially for the new year, were utter nonsense. New Year’s resolutions are something that you don’t stick to anyway, and using an arbitrary date as a “fresh start” when it’s just the same ol’ shit, is beyond stupid. Well. I still kinda believe that. But I also believe that you should continue to strive towards becoming a better person, setting goals for yourself, trying to improve things bit by bit, and so what if I use the New Year as the proclamation for those goals? This is an ongoing process, anyway, but just like anyone else (yup, bandwagon and everything), I’ll share with you things that I hope I will improve upon in 2016. In no particular order.

1. Read more.

One would think that as a Lit student, I would read fast, efficiently, and most importantly, a lot. Well, I don’t. Though I’ve actually won my unambitious Goodreads Reading Challenge of reading 10 books in 2015, I’m gonna try to exceed that this time by reading 25 books in 2016. Ahem. Oh well.

2. Go swimming.

I mean, on a regular basis. Not just once or twice once in a while when I happen to feel like it, or splashing around in the outdoor swimming pool in the summertime. Swimming is one of the few types of exercise I’m not afraid of in terms of wearing me out too much, something where I can push myself without completely exhausting myself. Plus if I actually used the pool at uni, I could even do it for free. Yay!

3. Do Yoga.

On that same note, I notice how good yoga is for my muscles – and for my peace of mind. It’s one of those things that’s so easy to set up, I only need my yoga mat and maybe an instruction video, and yet it’s also so easy to forget. Definitely need to take some time to relax and practise mindfulness.

4. Keep a Happy Jar again.

A Happy Jar is a jar where you keep a note with happy moments. Somebody said a nice thing to you? You had a great day? Got a new job, or finished a project? Anything that makes you happy get jotted down and put into the jar. I did this for 2013 and 2014, started it again this year and then just … forgot about it. I’m actually kind of sad I won’t get to sit down and look at all my happy memories of the year on New Year’s Eve, as I did the years before. So … yeah. Doing this again!

5. Visit friends and travel more.

I’ve not been travelling much in 2015, apart from going to London as usual. Travel is stressful for me, because I don’t react well to change and am pretty peculiar in my needs (thinking of bathroom requirements especially). I would very much like to change that – people I would like to meet are Stüffs in Berlin and Mia in Vienna. I would also like to go to the Frankfurt Book Fair, Summer in the City in London and spend my birthday in Amsterdam. Probably gonna have to cross out one or two of these. No idea how I’m gonna afford all that, by the way.

There are a couple more goals I’ve got in the back of my mind, like keeping up my blog and YouTube channel, but since I’m already on that, I wanted to keep my resolutions to things that I actually have to change and that are mostly focused on self-care. What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2016? Or do you refuse to take part in it at all? xx


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