A Trip to LUSH Paderborn

Every Lushie has their local shop, right? The one where the employees already know their face and their wish list by heart? Well, I haven’t quite got to that point with mine yet, but getting there, getting there. The other week I armed myself with my camera gear and headed to the LUSH Paderborn branch to snap some pictures of my local LUSH haven. (I’m still all tears that we’re not getting one in Bielefeld, to be quite honest with you…)A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at daneesaur.co.uk

 It’s a small-ish branch (well, I haven’t actually been to that many that are bigger, apart from maybe the one in Essen Hbf and, well, the Lush Oxford St flagship store), but sometimes I actually prefer it this way. It has a sense of coziness, and all the shelves are still chock-full of the loveliest products. That’s Lush for you.

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at daneesaur.co.uk

A lot of people like to joke about how you can smell a Lush shop before you can see it – but man, not gonna lie, that actually does happen! Well, of course the wind has to be just right, but on our way to the shop the other day, I nudged my mum and went “boy, can you smell that?” when we were still a good 50 metres away.


I love LUSH’s product selection. I never feel like the there’s an overwhelming abundance of choice – though my mum would probably like to disagree, she never knows where to start. You kind of get the hang of it though. There are a lot of products, but going in with what kind of scents you like and what your skin needs, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something for you. And if you’re still feeling lost, the employees are more than happy to explain things (god, I sound like a goddamn commercial, don’t I?!)

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at daneesaur.co.uk

But really, I don’t think I’ve ever seen more friendly employees than at LUSH stores. I’ve heard from a lot of people who find them too pushy, but I have to disagree. I can mostly only speak for German LUSH shops though – customer service in Germany in general is very, uhm, “un-pushy” (dare I say cold and unhelpful at times), which is where LUSH definitely stands out, but in a positive way.

In countries where customer service already tends to be on the overbearing, chatty-friendly small talk side (I’m predominantly thinking of the US here, and the UK as well), where LUSH then pushes that one stop further, I can definitely feel that it could get annoying. That said, it has never happened to me personally, I’ve always only had great customer service experiences at LUSH.

In fact, most of the times I go to a branch, I strike up really engaging and lovely conversations with their employees, I’m making lots of new friends! well, I think that can be kind of treacherous thinking. The employees are just doing their jobs, I doubt they want you to get too attached to anything other than their shop. Not that I’m complaining. As long as I still get my wonderful chats on animal rights.

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at daneesaur.co.ukA Trip to LUSH Paderborn at daneesaur.co.ukA Trip to LUSH Paderborn at daneesaur.co.uk

I never used to be very fond of baths, so I just gloomily stared at the bath bombs and occasionally stuck my nose in them, sighed about how I wished I could take baths, and moved on to other products. After the Boxing Day sale, however, I grabbed a bath bomb for 50% off (couldn’t hurt, right?), promising myself I’d give baths another shot. Annnd now I’m hooked. Drat.

But truth be told, it’s just another excuse to test myself through more of LUSH’s product range. 😛

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at daneesaur.co.ukA Trip to LUSH Paderborn at daneesaur.co.uk

Solid shampoo bars were another odd thing for me. I highly doubted that they could possibly work, but they lather up really nicely and have done wonders for my hair, I don’t think I ever want to go back to “normal” shampoo. And you save loads of packaging, too! I’m currently using Honey I Washed My Hair, which is slowly but surely getting smaller (it’s taking forever), but after I’m looking forward to trying Soak and Float. Or maybe Jumping Juniper (which is an online exclusive)? Haven’t made up my mind yet. Could do with something soothing for my scalp, though.

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at daneesaur.co.uk

I’m still a bit annoyed with the fact that Karma smells of patchouli. I don’t like patchouli. I love the way this looks though. I want it. But the smell is just not for me. Meh.

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at daneesaur.co.uk

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at daneesaur.co.uk

LUSH Germany is currently advertising the toothie tabs. They’re a replacement for your toothpaste: you chew on them, they foam up, and you brush your teeth with your wet toothbrush as normal. They come in some really odd tastes that I would never really bring into connection with toothpaste: rose and vanilla, lemon and black pepper, strawberry … I just … uh .. what? They do have your regular minty smelling tabs as well though. Good.

Anyway, big thanks to LUSH Paderborn for being patient with me while I traipsed around your shop for over an hour, taking bazillions of pictures. It was incredibly hard to just select a few of them to show you today, but I think I did okay.