Friendship & Tokens

So there’s this friend of mine, right? My best friend. I talk about her a lot. So much, really, that I’m guessing an awful lot of people kind of assume we’re in a relationship with each other, which isn’t the case – but she’s my best friend.

Friendship & Tokens at other day when I checked out the ASOS marketplace, I stumbled upon a set of two wonderful necklaces – a silver moon and a golden sun. Now, Anna is a nugoth witchy babe who loves galaxy prints/themes silver jewellery, while I only wear gold stuff (but am also a sucker for all things spacey), so … this happened.

And then this happened.

I like the idea of having a token for our friendship. Ideally I’d love for us to wear them everyday, but given that it’s not the highest quality metal and fairly outfit-specific (given that they’re necklaces), I’m not sure that’ll happen.

But it’s nice to have something to very subtly remind each other of one another, without having one of those cheesy “best friends 4ever” broken hearts. (Who really wants a broken heart to symbolise a friendship or relationship anyway? To express you’re not “whole” unless you’re together? That sounds kind of … unhealthy.)


Anna and I are the sun and moon, night and day, always there to brighten your life ;DDD … or something.

Do you and your friends have any friendship tokens?

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  • What a lovely idea!
    My best friend, who I met in college, and I get along so well without doing the “we r bffz” kind of stuff. Though this is what seems to be the standard of declaring friendships these days. She’s always the one to call me if I forget and doesn’t even mind about that. Friendship isn’t about all the tacky stuff but actually caring for the other person.

    Noor | Noor’s Place

    • Yeah, exactly! I mean I like subtly showing that we “belong” to the other (only not really, we’re each our own person tyvm), but it’s the actual friendship that counts most.

  • YOU GUYS REMIND ME OF ME AND MY BEST FRIEND. We have matching Game of Thrones bracelets, where one says ‘moon of my life’ and the other ‘my sun and stars’ in Dothraki. And then we each have one half of a whale shark phone charm we got when we lived in Japan together! We don’t need them to remind us of the other, but since we live so far away from each other it’s nice to have a physical ‘piece’ that links you to the person.

    • HAH AWW YAY! Yeah that’s what I had to think of as well with the moon&sun. Oh man I love not-so-obvious friendship things. It’s the best. 😀