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the good hood bielefeld at
the good hood bielefeld at
the good hood bielefeld at

This lovely little place, the good hood, is a new restaurant that has opened in central Bielefeld. There are a lot of areas in town that are dull and grey, where you’re convinced nothing interesting will happen. And suddenly stuff changes. One such place is a former electronics shop not far from the train station, wedged between the railway and an overpass. It’s been abandoned since before I’ve moved here, and then suddenly: construction! Then: tables! Chairs! A new restaurant!

New places to eat are always exciting, especially since my former watering hole and safe space closed down a couple of months ago (which, by the way, I still haven’t found an adequate replacement for. Yes, I’m gutted. I don’t want to talk about it.)

It has apparently turned into a mixture of a restaurant and a club; I’m not too fond of clubbing (plus according a friend, they “don’t play any good techno”), but I did venture out with my mama for some good ol’ grub.

the good hood bielefeld at food they serve is freshly homemade — because I am me, I ordered the veggie burger, made with a tempeh patty, corn salad, cucumber, tomato, bbq sauce, and wasabi mayo (well, I subbed it for a lime-ginger one). Plus a side of sweet potato fries and a peanut dip. The burger was smaller than I’d expected, but all of that did only cost €8.50, soo I’m not complaining.

The chai I had was a bit more expensive than the average in town, but only by maybe 30 ct. And there’s not much to say about it; as far as I can tell, it’s the same kind of powder mix you get in most cafés (i.e. David Rio chai), and I don’t mind it at all. It was as good as anywhere else. They do charge more for dairy-free milk, which is a drag.

One thing that is definitely missing from the menu so far is any kind of dessert. Seriously. There’s nothing. All the small dishes that you might want to have if you just nip in for a coffee or so are savoury. They definitely need some sweet stuff. Plus, it says nowhere on the menu that they’re only serving the burgers from 5:00pm, which is a bit of an oversight as well.

What I adore about this place though is the decoration; there are flamingos everywhere. Well, flamingos are all over the shops at the moment as well, but I don’t mind that at all, I like them. There are a lot of cozy seats tucked into corners, some tables outside (and although it’s right by two noisy streets, it’s actually quite nice) and nice big windows.

All in all I’m excited about the good hood, and can’t wait to order my way through their menu. The curry sounds enticing. And if they actually decide to do some cakes and stuff, I will definitely come back.

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