Hey there.

So recently I’ve been doing Instagram stories a lot, and generally mostly taken pictures for my Instagram or comparable platforms. The problem with that is that I haven’t been using my DSLR at all, plus 90%, if not all of my pictures are shot in portrait rather than landscape – incredibly impractical to put on a blog.

But I want to write more, so this is me. Writing more. Adorning the writing with crappy iPhone photos in portrait mode. Suck it.

The last couple of days I’ve been incredibly restless and moody, and I can’t really pinpoint why. Maybe it’s because the new semester at uni has just started, and I’ve got this feeling of dread looming at the back of my neck, because the last semesters have not been good for me. Or rather, I’ve not been very good. At uni. At life. That all has to change now, and I’m already putting a lot of pressure on me. Also in my classes, when I witness my fellow students overtaking me, sprouting interesting discussion points and I just sit there like a stale piece of bread, trying (and failing) to stay focused – I feel so out of place. 

Anyway, right now I’m enjoying the fact that tomorrow’s a bank holiday and I am totally allowed not to move a single muscle today – I mean, apart from the fact that I’d originally planned to go to the gym today. Oops. We’ll see about that. First I gotta digest those pancakes …

  • Herr_Stemme

    At least you have a cool blog on the mighty internetz thingy! But I experienced the same feeling a lot at the uni. Especially in my major, which was philosophy. I tried to catch up. In my last two semesters I finally got the hang of it. And than I rage quitted, because I could not get trough a test in my minor, I tried for the third time. And just a few weeks ago I heard, that I could have supplemented it with another course. Well. Heads up and greatings! ?

    Oh. And the pictures are good. Not DSLR good, but iPhones tend to make good pictures. In my opinion.