LUSH’s new perfume range 2017

It’s been well established that I’m kind of a LUSH addict. Interventions have been staged which have ended up with all my friends leaving with glitter in their hair and bath bombs in their bags, my wallet cries out in pain every time it so much as glimpses a LUSH shop, and you can set me loose in any city, I will smell out this son of a bitch within minutes (no lie).

No wonder, then, that I grabbed my camera as soon as there heard there were some new boys in town – namely some wonderful new perfumes. I’ve always danced around LUSH’s perfume range like a moth around the flame, but I’ve never actually bought one because I haven’t found my one true love yet. Will that have changed now? Let’s take a look. (Spoilers: … maybe.)

Most notably, all of LUSH’s perfumes now have the same, more unified look; gone are the adorable paintings that adorned the bottles before, the new bottles are much more simple. Minimalistic, as it were. The solid perfumes have also changed their design and are now contained in a little glass jar – not gonna lie, I’m not the happiest about this. Though they look quite sturdy and are still quite tiny, glass containers break (and are heavy). The old ones were kept in little metal containers, which seem a lot more convenient. I’m sure though that this is a step toward sustainability, so I’ll happily grant them that.

Now onto the new perfumes:

Tank Battle: LUSH describe this one as “bubblegum meets patchouli” and … well, as soon as anything contains patchouli, you can count me out. Which is why I didn’t like this one at all.

Amelie Mae: Well, this one didn’t really win any points for me either. I checked the label and read “rose oil” and was kind of apprehensive (I’m really not a fan of their Rose Jam range, though I know a lot of people are obsessed). After smelling it though, I couldn’t really get much rose at all, and happily sprayed it on my wrist. Ohhh boy. What a mistake. It’s true that the rose scent is quite subtle at first, but it definitely develops quite strongly on the skin. It stuck around for days, even. So if you’re a fan of Rose Jam, Ro’s Argan and the like – go for this one. Trust me.

I’m Home: The description and ingredient list got me really excited: basically, chocolate. Together with the name, it evokes the sense of a cosy winter evening, sipping piping hot chocolate next to the open fireplace. Accurate? Well, maybe. It does smell a bit of chocolate and vanilla, but not enough to make me dream of chilly winter nights, and certainly not enough to use it every day.

Cardamom Coffee: Okay okay okay. Listen. Okay. This one, guys. Pals. Friends. This is the one. It’s super spicy – which is absolutely not something I’m usually into, but despite its coffee label, it smells more of chai for me (duh, might be the cardamom). Which basically makes this one the perfume that evokes memories of a calm autumn night, snuggled up with a spicy hot drink, watching the rain pass outside. At the base of this sits oudh oil – which I had to google, oops. It’s dark and woody and rounds up the whole thing nicely – and is probably also what makes this perfume so friggin expensive, it costs over twice as much as the other ones. Phew. Figures that I’d pick this one as my favourite, eh.

What Would Love Do: Ah yes. This one’s a close second. It smells a bit fresh and citrusy, but most intriguing to me is the lavender note. Because of course. I’m incredibly lavender-obsessed, especially concerning LUSH products (hello, Dream Cream. Hello, Sleepy. Hello, Vanishing Cream), so is anybody really surprised I would like this? While Cardamom Coffee is quite heavy and a perfect winter perfume, I could definitely see myself buying WWLD for spring or summer months.

Rentless: … I honestly have no recollection of smelling this one (although I did take pictures of it). Though given that it apparently smells of patchouli (as well as tonka absolute and grapefruit oil) that might have been for the best.

So what are your thoughts on the new perfume range? Have you found some you like? Or are you still crying over the fact that they’re discontinuing Kerbside Violet?

As a lil side note, all my love to LUSH Paderborn for letting me snap pics in their store for hours on end and always answering my avalanche of questions. ♡