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LUSH’s new perfume range 2017

It’s been well established that I’m kind of a LUSH addict. Interventions have been staged which have ended up with all my friends leaving with glitter in their hair and bath bombs in their bags, my wallet cries out in pain every time it so much as glimpses a LUSH shop, and you can set me loose in any city, I will smell out this son of a bitch within minutes (no lie).

No wonder, then, that I grabbed my camera as soon as there heard there were some new boys in town – namely some wonderful new perfumes. I’ve always danced around LUSH’s perfume range like a moth around the flame, but I’ve never actually bought one because I haven’t found my one true love yet. Will that have changed now? Let’s take a look. (Spoilers: … maybe.)

Most notably, all of LUSH’s perfumes now have the same, more unified look; gone are the adorable paintings that adorned the bottles before, the new bottles are much more simple. Minimalistic, as it were. The solid perfumes have also changed their design and are now contained in a little glass jar – not gonna lie, I’m not the happiest about this. Though they look quite sturdy and are still quite tiny, glass containers break (and are heavy). The old ones were kept in little metal containers, which seem a lot more convenient. I’m sure though that this is a step toward sustainability, so I’ll happily grant them that.

Now onto the new perfumes:

Tank Battle: LUSH describe this one as “bubblegum meets patchouli” and … well, as soon as anything contains patchouli, you can count me out. Which is why I didn’t like this one at all.

Amelie Mae: Well, this one didn’t really win any points for me either. I checked the label and read “rose oil” and was kind of apprehensive (I’m really not a fan of their Rose Jam range, though I know a lot of people are obsessed). After smelling it though, I couldn’t really get much rose at all, and happily sprayed it on my wrist. Ohhh boy. What a mistake. It’s true that the rose scent is quite subtle at first, but it definitely develops quite strongly on the skin. It stuck around for days, even. So if you’re a fan of Rose Jam, Ro’s Argan and the like – go for this one. Trust me.

I’m Home: The description and ingredient list got me really excited: basically, chocolate. Together with the name, it evokes the sense of a cosy winter evening, sipping piping hot chocolate next to the open fireplace. Accurate? Well, maybe. It does smell a bit of chocolate and vanilla, but not enough to make me dream of chilly winter nights, and certainly not enough to use it every day.

Cardamom Coffee: Okay okay okay. Listen. Okay. This one, guys. Pals. Friends. This is the one. It’s super spicy – which is absolutely not something I’m usually into, but despite its coffee label, it smells more of chai for me (duh, might be the cardamom). Which basically makes this one the perfume that evokes memories of a calm autumn night, snuggled up with a spicy hot drink, watching the rain pass outside. At the base of this sits oudh oil – which I had to google, oops. It’s dark and woody and rounds up the whole thing nicely – and is probably also what makes this perfume so friggin expensive, it costs over twice as much as the other ones. Phew. Figures that I’d pick this one as my favourite, eh.

What Would Love Do: Ah yes. This one’s a close second. It smells a bit fresh and citrusy, but most intriguing to me is the lavender note. Because of course. I’m incredibly lavender-obsessed, especially concerning LUSH products (hello, Dream Cream. Hello, Sleepy. Hello, Vanishing Cream), so is anybody really surprised I would like this? While Cardamom Coffee is quite heavy and a perfect winter perfume, I could definitely see myself buying WWLD for spring or summer months.

Rentless: … I honestly have no recollection of smelling this one (although I did take pictures of it). Though given that it apparently smells of patchouli (as well as tonka absolute and grapefruit oil) that might have been for the best.

So what are your thoughts on the new perfume range? Have you found some you like? Or are you still crying over the fact that they’re discontinuing Kerbside Violet?

As a lil side note, all my love to LUSH Paderborn for letting me snap pics in their store for hours on end and always answering my avalanche of questions. ♡

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn

Every Lushie has their local shop, right? The one where the employees already know their face and their wish list by heart? Well, I haven’t quite got to that point with mine yet, but getting there, getting there. The other week I armed myself with my camera gear and headed to the LUSH Paderborn branch to snap some pictures of my local LUSH haven. (I’m still all tears that we’re not getting one in Bielefeld, to be quite honest with you…)A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at

 It’s a small-ish branch (well, I haven’t actually been to that many that are bigger, apart from maybe the one in Essen Hbf and, well, the Lush Oxford St flagship store), but sometimes I actually prefer it this way. It has a sense of coziness, and all the shelves are still chock-full of the loveliest products. That’s Lush for you.

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at

A lot of people like to joke about how you can smell a Lush shop before you can see it – but man, not gonna lie, that actually does happen! Well, of course the wind has to be just right, but on our way to the shop the other day, I nudged my mum and went “boy, can you smell that?” when we were still a good 50 metres away.


I love LUSH’s product selection. I never feel like the there’s an overwhelming abundance of choice – though my mum would probably like to disagree, she never knows where to start. You kind of get the hang of it though. There are a lot of products, but going in with what kind of scents you like and what your skin needs, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something for you. And if you’re still feeling lost, the employees are more than happy to explain things (god, I sound like a goddamn commercial, don’t I?!)

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at

But really, I don’t think I’ve ever seen more friendly employees than at LUSH stores. I’ve heard from a lot of people who find them too pushy, but I have to disagree. I can mostly only speak for German LUSH shops though – customer service in Germany in general is very, uhm, “un-pushy” (dare I say cold and unhelpful at times), which is where LUSH definitely stands out, but in a positive way.

In countries where customer service already tends to be on the overbearing, chatty-friendly small talk side (I’m predominantly thinking of the US here, and the UK as well), where LUSH then pushes that one stop further, I can definitely feel that it could get annoying. That said, it has never happened to me personally, I’ve always only had great customer service experiences at LUSH.

In fact, most of the times I go to a branch, I strike up really engaging and lovely conversations with their employees, I’m making lots of new friends! well, I think that can be kind of treacherous thinking. The employees are just doing their jobs, I doubt they want you to get too attached to anything other than their shop. Not that I’m complaining. As long as I still get my wonderful chats on animal rights.

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at Trip to LUSH Paderborn at Trip to LUSH Paderborn at

I never used to be very fond of baths, so I just gloomily stared at the bath bombs and occasionally stuck my nose in them, sighed about how I wished I could take baths, and moved on to other products. After the Boxing Day sale, however, I grabbed a bath bomb for 50% off (couldn’t hurt, right?), promising myself I’d give baths another shot. Annnd now I’m hooked. Drat.

But truth be told, it’s just another excuse to test myself through more of LUSH’s product range. 😛

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at Trip to LUSH Paderborn at

Solid shampoo bars were another odd thing for me. I highly doubted that they could possibly work, but they lather up really nicely and have done wonders for my hair, I don’t think I ever want to go back to “normal” shampoo. And you save loads of packaging, too! I’m currently using Honey I Washed My Hair, which is slowly but surely getting smaller (it’s taking forever), but after I’m looking forward to trying Soak and Float. Or maybe Jumping Juniper (which is an online exclusive)? Haven’t made up my mind yet. Could do with something soothing for my scalp, though.

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at

I’m still a bit annoyed with the fact that Karma smells of patchouli. I don’t like patchouli. I love the way this looks though. I want it. But the smell is just not for me. Meh.

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at

A Trip to LUSH Paderborn at

LUSH Germany is currently advertising the toothie tabs. They’re a replacement for your toothpaste: you chew on them, they foam up, and you brush your teeth with your wet toothbrush as normal. They come in some really odd tastes that I would never really bring into connection with toothpaste: rose and vanilla, lemon and black pepper, strawberry … I just … uh .. what? They do have your regular minty smelling tabs as well though. Good.

Anyway, big thanks to LUSH Paderborn for being patient with me while I traipsed around your shop for over an hour, taking bazillions of pictures. It was incredibly hard to just select a few of them to show you today, but I think I did okay.

Mini Lush Boxing Day Haul + First Impressions

I caved. To myself. I’m doing a Lush Boxing Day haul. I don’t normally do beauty hauls. I don’t like them. I think they’re useless (especially without reviews/first impressions), show-offy, just a display of blatant consumerism, basically. Nevertheless, that goes completely out of the window when it comes to Lush. I L O V E Lush hauls, reading about new products (or ones I’ve already been thinking of buying), just having a nosey at what other people bought from one of my favourite shops.

Mini Lush Boxing Day Haul + First Impressions at

Since I got a 20€ gift card for Christmas, I went to the Lush Paderborn branch and got myself a couple of things after the holidays. It’s not a lot, I just barely spent the amount on the card, but I wanted to show you anyway. I was a bit caught by surprise by the whole Boxing Day sale thing, I’m still fairly new to the whole Lush experience – next year I need to be better prepared (by which I mean save a whole month’s wages for this shizz!)
“First impressions” is a bit misleading, as I’ve only properly tried half of these so far, but oh well. I’m sorry.

Eau Roma Water

Mini Lush Boxing Day Haul + First Impressions at

This is what Lush says:

This is an elegant formula that’s suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Rose water will help to calm and reduce redness, whilst lavender water will balance and soften the skin. This was created as a way to hydrate and soothe the skin both gently and effectively. Use it for a quick, refreshing spritz or to remove any traces of makeup or cleanser.

This is what I think: Marion (aka marionhoney) kept on going on about this in her (now fairly old) videos and blog posts, so I felt like I just had to get this (Marion is kind of like my idol … I’ll just fangirl in the distance while she will never really notice me, and that’s okay. -sniff-) I’ll admit I’ve never been the biggest fan of lavender, but it’s growing on me, particularly for its soothing qualities.
The lavender scent does take some getting used to, but that being said, so far I am loving this. I like that it comes in a spray bottle (don’t know about you, but my toners usually don’t), I feel like it doesn’t waste quite so much product, because I don’t accidentally end up soaking the cotton pad. It also leaves the skin wonderfully soft. I’m sold.

Price: £4.50 / 6,95€ (100 ml)
Vegan: Yes!

Salt and Peppermint Bark (Winter Exclusive)

Mini Lush Boxing Day Haul + First Impressions at

This is what Lush says:

Bark’s now here, the angels sing! Sea salt will give soft, scrubbed skin. In tempting bark you should confide. Peppermint oil is packed inside! This take on a traditional American treat is packed full of fair trade organic cocoa and cupuaçu butter to deliver star-spangled softening and scrubbing to your skin! It’s made to soften with a delicious scent.

This is what I think: It smells amazing! The last shower scrub block I had from Lush (Aqua Mirabilis) went moldy after a while, because the usually wonderful sales assistants assured me it would be perfect to keep in their metal tins. Well, it’s not. Guys, if you use a scrub block or a shampoo bar, put it on a soap dish so it can dry properly (and also doesn’t get stuck inside)! I only use the metal tins for travel or storage now.
That aside, I’ve tried this one out, and I love it. In my opinion, it could maybe lather up a bit better, but then again, it is a scrub, not a shower gel. Since I’ve currently got a problem with dermatitis patches, the peppermint oil stung a little bit in those areas, so maybe I’ll have to put it aside for now, but otherwise I’m loving the effect it has on my skin. And it really does smell delish!

Price: originally £5.95 / 9,95€ (-50% off)
Vegan: Yes!

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb (Winter Exclusive)

Mini Lush Boxing Day Haul + First Impressions at

This is what Lush says:

Launch this one in the water and watch it shoot and spin. Stay very still to see the swirling colors of the night sky dazzle in your bathtub. As the calming blanket of shimmering midnight blue unfolds, Brazilian orange and bergamot oils take your skin to heaven as your mood rockets straight up to the stars.

This is what I think: 

Shoot for the Stars is the first Lush bath bomb that my friend Anna tried out. And oohhh, how she kept raving about it! She said it’s fairly layered, so you get different phases of colours and scents over time as it sizzles in your bathtub. I don’t usually take baths, like ever, because I usually feel quite faint afterwards, but I’m beyond excited to try this out. I’ve looked up pictures and demo videos online, and the colours are stunning! It basically looks like a blue and purple night sky, including lots and lots of glitter.

Price: originally £3.65 / 5.95€ (-50% off)
Vegan: Yes!

Kinky Hot Oil Treatment

Mini Lush Boxing Day Haul + First Impressions at

This is what Lush says:

If you want enviously silky, hydrated curls, stick with us. Made with protective lanolin to strengthen natural curls, this restorative treatment delivers intense moisture without diminishing your bounce and volume. With uplifting ylang ylang and rosewood, its exotic fragrance will take your senses for a whirl too.

This is what I say: Ughhh I really couldn’t decide between this one and Tangled or Damaged. Not gonna lie, all of those sound like it would to my hair all kinds of good! In the end I went for Kinky, not just because I have a new-found love for my curls, but also because rosewood and ylang ylang sound pretty amazing. Haven’t given this one a go yet.

Price: usually £6.50 / 9,95€ (-50%)
Vegan: No.

I’m pretty gutted I didn’t buy the Christingle body conditioner as well. One of the shop assistants said it has the same cooling effect as the Mask of Magnaminty does, and it would have been awesome to keep this around until the summer. Just imagine taking a shower on 35°C+ days, slathering that on your body and having that minty zing to cool you down after … damn. But even the 16€ something it would’ve cost with the 50% off after Christmas, it was more than I could afford at the time. The holidays left me broke, yo.

Did you manage to snatch something from the Lush sale as well?

Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty (Self-Preserving) – Review

Lush's Mask of Magnaminty

Over the last couple of months, I’ve become a hopeless Lushie. I’ve tried body conditioners, shower gels, soaps; by now I refuse to use any other hair conditioner, and I’ve just bought my first shampoo bar.

When I went to their flagship store in London’s Oxford St, I had a hard time deciding what I should bring home. In the end, it didn’t turn out to be one of their shop exclusives, but rather an absolute classic: the Mask of Magnaminty.
I’m by no means a pioneer in reviewing or writing about this mask, as it’s been a staple at Lush stores (and in Lush addicts’ homes) for ages, but I just couldn’t not write something about this little wonderpot.

On their website, they say:

Easily smoothed over the skin anywhere you like, this mask is made with peppermint oil to stimulate, marigold oil and chlorophyllin to treat the skin; evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to gently exfoliate as you remove it. There’s also mineral rich kaolin to nourish, antibacterial honey, and peppermint oil to stimulate the blood cells just under the surface of your skin to leave it looking bright and refreshed.

I’ve decided to get the self-preserving version; the difference is a reworking of the original formula to include fewer artificial preservatives. The mask instead has a bit more honey, which naturally has antibacterial properties and acts as a natural preservative, and has the added bonus of being just a tiny bit more nourishing.
Thankfully, both the original and the self-preserving version of the Mask of Magnaminty have around the same shelf-life (around three months, I think – I bought mine early September and the Best Before tag says 19 Dec).

Lush's Mask of Magnaminty - Review

Just after the first time trying it out, I fell in love with this green lil monster in a pot. It smells like a delicious mug of fresh mint tea, and due to the mint in it, it tingles a bit on your face. But not to worry – it doesn’t burn or irritate. YMMV, but I’ve got fairly delicate/irritable skin, and I was fine. In fact, I really like the sensation. It’s a wonderfully cooling effect, which I can imagine being absolutely brilliant in summertime, especially if you keep the mask in the fridge beforehand.

Lush's Mask of Magnaminty - Review on, glorious green goop!

I usually leave it on for around ten minutes and then wash it off with a warm, wet face cloth. And ohhh, your face will feel so supersoft! I promise you, when you’ve tried this out, you will wonder how you could go your whole life without it. Especially if you’re as mint-crazy as I am.

To be honest, the more I read and hear about Lush, the more I am in love. The day that they will be in the news because of some dubious work ethic or any sort of scandal I will be infinitely crushed, but I doubt that this company will let me down.
No matter what shop I’ve gone to, their staff has always been incredibly nice and welcoming, but not too pushy. At least in my personal experience anyway, I do know some friends that felt kind of overwhelmed and overrun by their floor staff, but oh well.

My only problem is that I can’t seem to stop myself from buying something new whenever I set foot in a Lush branch. There’s just so much to try … oh well. Pasta with ketchup for the rest of the month then, amiright!

Price: £5.75 / 7,95€ (85ml)

Lush's Mask of Magnaminty - Review on

{German} dm Ausbeute

Meine dm Liebe muss ich ja nicht nochmal beteuern. Es kommt noch der  Tag, da wird mir angeboten da einzuziehen, ich sag es euch!
Zwar hole ich mir mal immerwiederwas, aber ich wollte euch mal zeigen was ich zuletzt so erbeutet habe – teilweise schon ausprobiert, teilweise “ganz frisch”.

1.: Balea Young Dusch-Schaum “Erdbeer Traum” [LE]
Die hat letztens jemand in ihrem Blog vorgestellt (ich weiß gar nicht mehr, wer das war). Und ich saß hier nur: “MUSS. HABEN. JETZT.” – natürlich habe ich einfach mal schön ignoriert, dass zurzeit sowohl ein Duschpeeling als auch das Duschsorbet noch in der Dusche stehen. Ahem. Ich hab’s schon ausprobiert, und sage: Duft ist echt quietschsüß (was aber nicht unbedingt schlecht ist), die Textur ist echt suuuper fluffig, und da es meine Haut nicht großartig austrocknet, sollte es allem gewappnet sein.
Eigentlich wollte ich mir auch noch das Balea Bodymousse holen, aber das war für “normale Haut”, was übersetzt eigentlich immer soviel heißt wie “nicht für mich”. Aber wer weiß… war auch eine Limited Edition, das muss man doch mal ausprobiert haben. 😉

2. Balea Soft-Öl Balsam
Das habe ich mir dann anstatt des Mousses (wtf? Anstatt des Mousse? Haha…) gekauft. Versprochen hatte ich mir eigentlich ein Körperöl, hatte aber nicht nachgeguckt: es ist doch eine Art Bodylotion. Steht aber drauf, dass es zu 40% aus Ölen besteht und eine “samtweiche Intensivpflege für sehr trockene Haut” ist. Ich bin ja ständig auf der Suche nach einer Bodylotion (und ganz generell Hautpflege), die wirklich was bringt bei extrem trockener Haut, deswegen habe ich diese mal mitgenommen. Es steht drauf, man soll sie direkt nach dem Duschen oder Baden benutzen, und dass man sie auch kurz vor dem Anziehen benutzen kann, weil sie schnell einzieht.
Nun, ich hab sie jetzt schon einmal probiert, das erste Mal nicht nach dem Duschen, sondern nur so; da ist sie wirklich gar nicht schnell eingezogen. Aber die Haut kann Bodylotion ja auch nicht soo toll aufnehmen, wenn man nicht grad aus der Dusche kommt, deswegen gab ich dem Balsam definitiv noch eine Chance. Das Versprechen “Zieht schnell ein” ist bei mir total durchgefallen. Besonders wird ja versprochen, man kann sich direkt danach anziehen, ohne dass die Kleidung an einem klebt. Auf meiner Haut war nach zwei Stunden noch ein Ölfilm, also ist das eigentlich echt nur was für Leute, die abends duschen. Für über Nacht bietet sich das Balsam schon an, denn es bringt schon etwas. Meine Haut ist definitiv schon ein kleines bisschen weicher geworden, nach nur zwei Benutzungen. Ich werde es weiterhin verwenden, allerdings nicht, wenn ich an dem Tag noch was vorhabe!!

3. Alverde Gesichtsölkapseln Wildrose
Falls ihr das auf dem kleinen Bild erkennen könnt: die sind schon halb aufgebraucht. 😉 Es sind kleine Plastikkapseln, die man aufdrehen oder aufschneiden kann. Enthalten ist Wildrosenöl, Apfelextrakt und noch diverse andere Öle, wie Mandel, Jojoba und Pfirsich. Durch Tipp auf einem Blogpost (und ich weiß schon wieder nicht, welcher Blog das war! Ich fang mal an mir das aufzuschreiben, grrr!) hab ich diese gekauft, und bin begeistert. Auch dem Tipp folgend habe ich das aber auch immer abends vor dem Einschlafen benutzt, weil man danach schon ein bisschen glänzt. Aber normalerweise wache ich immer mit juckender und spannender Haut auf; wenn ich diese Kapseln benutzt habe fühlt sich meine Haut morgens echt klasse an.
Die gibt es seit neustem auch in einer Flasche mit Pipette zu kaufen, die hole ich mir dann beim nächsten Mal. Aber zum Probieren waren die Kapseln ganz gut, 2€ günstiger als die Flasche, und ich wusste ja nicht, ob mir das Produkt gefällt (TUT ES ABER). 🙂

4. Balea Pflegende Reinigungstücher für trockene und sensible Haut
Okay, hier muss ich wohl nicht viel zu sagen. Ich habe unglaublich viele Packungen mit Reinigungstüchern zu Hause, Vorratskäufe und so (meine Schwester hat mir mal zwei riesige Packungen aus England mitgebracht, die sind immer noch nicht aufgebraucht), aber ich hab gerne eine Reisepackung dabei, weil ich nicht so viel schleppen möchte. Die letzte kleine ist aufgebraucht, also gab’s Nachschub für die nächste Reise, wann auch immer die stattfindet.

5. DontoDent Brillant Weiss Zahnpasta (20ml)
Die gleiche Geschichte hier. Die Reisezahnpasta, die ich davor hatte, war irgendwie schon uralt und hat seltsam geschmeckt, also wurde sie entsorgt. Das hier war die einzige DontoDent Zahnpasta in Reisegröße, also rein in den Einkaufskorb!

6. Balea Urea Bodylotion für sehr trockene, gespannte Haut (50ml)
Und die dritte Reisegröße. Davor hatte ich das Balea Med pH hautneutral Hydro Körperbalsam, was an sich gut war, aber das war jetzt auch (fast) leer, also gab es hier auch Nachschub. Außerdem sind die kleinen Größen auch gut, um verschiedene Lotionen auszuprobieren, ob sie meiner Haut gewachsen sind. ;D

7. Balea Wellness Fuß Butter Lemongras & Minze
Meinen geplagten Füßen muss ich ja auch mal was gutes tun. Besonders wenn ich lange auf den Beinen bin, leiden die Füße ja am meisten, da dürfen die auch ruhig mal einen Extrapott kriegen. Die habe ich auch schon ausprobiert, sie riecht superfrisch (eben nach Lemongras und Minze, letzteres liebe ich ja eh über alles), und sie macht die Füße seehr schön zart. Wenn ich jetzt nur daran denken würde, sie jeden Tag einzucremen. ;D

Das war’s für dieses Mal. Aber ich kann euch versprechen… die nächste Runde kann gar nicht lange auf sich warten lassen.
Vor allen Dingen, weil heute für mich nette Post von dm im Briefkasten war.