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2016 Movie Releases I’m Most Excited About

I don’t go to the cinema nearly often enough, y’know. A quick consultation of my letterboxd profile shows that I’ve gone eight times in 2015 – two of those were for Star Wars! I’m a bit nitpicky about movies, I’ll admit, especially because in Germany, everything’s dubbed and it’s fairly hard to find showings in the original English language. And if there are any, they’re usually 3D, just to get the extra buck out of us.

2016, however, sounds like an amazing year for movies, which will mercilessly drain my money. -sigh- These are all the films I’m excited about, whether or not I’ll actually make it to the cinema for them!

21st January – Brooklyn

2016 Movie Releases -

Alrighty, by the time I’m writing this, Brooklyn has actually almost been released. In fact, the original release  in the UK was months ago! Sometimes we really draw the short stick here … anyway, it’s a story about an Irish immigrant, played by Saoirse Ronan (heart eyes!), who moves to Brooklyn in the 1950s. I don’t know much more about the plot, but it says that she quickly falls in love over there, but the “past catches up to her” and she has to decide between two countries. Ooooo intrigue. Although I am still living in the country I was born in, I can kind of understand the sentiment of being torn between two places, so I’m very excited about this! I first heard about this film when Sanne, aka booksanquills talked about it in a video of hers. I love, love, love Saoirse Ronan, and it sounds like she gets to keep her Irish accent for this film. Finally!

11th February – Deadpool

2016 Movie Releases -, I have high hopes for this one. I don’t know much about Deadpool other than what I’ve sort of absorbed through pop culture, Tumblr, awesome Deadpool cosplayers and my Marvel-obsessed friends (there are a lot of us). I do know that they’re trying to make him as dirty, rugged and potty-mouthed as he is in the comics. Not sure I necessary like the way they’ve gone with his scars – they’re supposed to be so bad that he’s all sorts of traumatised and basically wears the mask just because of that, but in the movie they look more like a fairly bad burns. I mean, he’s supposed to scare the pants off of children and adults alike. But I’ll give them that.

24th March – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

2016 Movie Releases -

Okay okay okay, I’ll admit it, there’s only one tiny, but very important reason I am excited about this movie, and that reason is coming to kick your ass as well as Batman’s and Superman’s. I am, of course, talking about Wonder Woman. I am not gonna go on about how she actually deserves a stand-alone movie  (which is coming, too!) and not to be a side-kick to two mediocre superheroes, but oh well, at least we’re getting her.
I’m pretty serious when I say it’s the only thing that’ll get me to watch this. Man of Steel was bland. Ben Affleck as Batman is … not that exciting. I yawned through the trailer until WW turned up (and basically saved the poor boys’ asses). If they fuck her up, DC will be in all kinds of trouble (from one small insignificant blogger – this would probably amount to an ant causing a fuss?) … fingers crossed yet again. Aaand the trailer felt like a cheap copy of Captain America: Civil War.

21st April – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

2016 Movie Releases -

Ayyyyy! How badass does this look? Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is exactly what it sounds like – the old Austen classic with loads of undead … things. I’ve read the book this movie is based on, and I … well I really didn’t like it. At all. You can watch my review on my YouTube channel right here. But oh gosh, the trailer for this looks so badass and awesome that I’m gonna give it a go just ’cause! Maybe it’s gonna be this year’s favourite trash movie, but sometimes we need a lil trash in our lives, right?
I’ll admit I laughed when I found out that Matt Smith was playing Mr. Collins, the oblivious and annoying cousin who wants to marry Elizabeth. Perfect casting. Lena Headey as Lady Catherine de Bourgh seems a bit young to me, but maybe I’m just biased because she’s been played by older ladies in the past (such as Dame Judi Dench). We definitely know Lena can play vicious though, I mean, she is Queen Cersei, after all. But yeah. Can’t wait to see lots of ladies kick all kinds of ass on the big screen!

5th May – Captain America: Civil War

2016 Movie Releases - BABIES. This will be the film that will tear out my heart. I love the Avengers, all of them, they are my children, STOP FIGHTING. After the utter disaster that was Age of Ultron, I really hope the Russo brothers can undo the damage that Joss Whedon has done. Sooo many things that need to be improved upon. Black Widow’s characterisation for one. Oh god it was so disgusting what they did to her character in Ultron, and I’m not even talking about the Bruce/Natasha romance thing! (Don’t even get me started on that! ….)
But I’m absolutely pumped. And scared shitless at the same time. Can’t we all just get along? Notably, the trailer just kind of makes Tony Stark look like the jealous friend that can’t cope with the reappearance of Steve’s boyfriend. Not gonna lie. And I love it.

26th May – Warcraft

2016 Movie Releases - be honest, I’ve heard rumours years ago that there was a film in the making, but then I just kind of … forgot about it? So I was completely taken by surprise when I saw the trailer for it in the cinema, I think before Mockingjay Pt 2. It looks really stunning, but I wouldn’t have expected any less from Blizzard Entertainment. I would really suggest watching it in 3D though; I’ve seen the trailer in both 2D and 3D, and the orcs and humans mesh together a lot better in 3D.
The film is set in the World of Warcraft universe, and tells the story of how the orcs first came to Azeroth; their home world, Draenor is dying, and they set out to invade/colonise/inhabit a new world (whichever way you want to put it). It’s sort of based on the game Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans, but is a retelling of that story with another focus (which is obvious; this is a film, not a game). I’ve never played Warcraft and was very late to the WoW game, but I’m still excited to see what the world I’m so familiar with was built on.

17th November – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

2016 Movie Releases -’s be real here – is there anyone in my generation who is not excited about this release?? I mean, apart from the few outliers who have never watched or read Harry Potter. Yes, those people do exist. I know a couple. Granted I’m not that much of a Potterhead myself, I haven’t made it to the WB Studio Tours in London yet, for example – spending £35 for a film set I’m not particularly attached to just didn’t seem like a great investment when I’m low on funds – but I’ve read and loved all the books. Back when I was a kid I even had a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! Though I have been looking for it for years, and can’t find it … kinda ironic given the title, isn’t it?
One thing I do not like about the trailers and promo pictures so far is that it’s supposedly set in Harlem, y’know, the New York borough that has had so many black influencers that there’s a whole literary movement named after them (and also generally a very large black population), yet there are hardly any black people anywhere to be seen in the footage so far. You can do better than that, Hollywood …

15th December – Star Wars: Rogue One

star-wars-the-force-awakens-teaser-poster1Eeeep! I was a bit beefed when I found out that there’s not going to be a sequel to The Force Awakens this year, but I am a bit appeased knowing that we’re getting Rogue One. One of my favourite actresses, i.e. Tatiana Maslany, was in the running for the female lead, but ultimately they went for Felicity Jones instead. I don’t think I’ve seen Felicity in anything before, but Tatiana would have been better (fact). Rogue One is a stand-alone film in the Star Wars universe, to be set between the events of Episode III and IV. Felicity Jones plays a rebel soldier, part of a band of resistance fighters who set out to steal the Death Star plans.
Just this week, there’s been a lot of news about the casting (or search I should say) for a young Han Solo in a small cameo – none of the ones I’ve seen so far would even remotely fit, in my opinion. I guess we’re just going to have to go back in time and grab a young Harrison Ford to do the job. There can be no other.

What do you think? Did I include your favourites? Is there anything else that you are excited about? Let me know! xx


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Middle Earth Marathon in Münster

Six films. Twenty-two hours. One cinema. Sounds crazy? Well … yeah, it is. But that didn’t stop us.

The CINEPLEX in Münster was doing a Middle Earth Marathon – a showing of all three Hobbit films and all three Lord of the Rings films. My friend Anna and I and several hundred other people were fearless (or rather stupid) enough to take on the challenge and plunge into a whole day of hobbits, dwarves and dragons.


We received some ultra-special festival wristbands, which I was especially excited about, because I’ve never been to a music festival, so there’s a severe lack of wristbands in my life. Now I’m in with the cool crowd. Obviously. But seriously, what an awesome idea!


The whole thing was supposed to start at 16:30 (or 16:45, according to the official schedule that was posted next to the screening room) and end at around 14:00 the following day. Anna and I packed blankets, pillows and lots of snacks, most of which we didn’t even look at in the end, because halfway through we were just completely sick of anything sweet (or at least I was). The CINEPLEX had lots of food on offer as well, beyond the common cinema snacks; they had hot dogs, donuts, potato salad, soup, and amazing pretzels that were filled with salted butter. They also offered a coffee flatrate for 8€, or alternatively single cups of coffee for 50 ct each.
For breakfast at 5:30 they sold a choice of a sweet breakfast with croissants and jam, an English breakfast with scrambled eggs and baked beans, or a healthy breakfast with weetabix and fruit salad. So really, everything you could hope for in the food department was taken care of.


I’ll make it easy on your eyes and only show you a before picture. Just imagine this a few hours later with huge bags under the eyes and the eyeliner completely rubbed off or cried away. God, I already look tired in this shot. I swear I was super-stoked though!

I loved watching the Hobbit films again. Unfortunately, I don’t think they are that great after all; Peter Jackson tried to make a children’s book seem like this epic tale that is even grander than Lord of the Rings, which just didn’t fit. And you can tell.
The Battle of Five Armies, which I saw for the first time, is my least favourite of the trilogy. That’s not just because (SPOILERS *cough*) Smaug dies within the first ten minutes, my poor baby, but overall it just actually made me roll my eyes several times over. What I especially won’t forgive (which counts for all three of them), is that they constantly rip off their own franchise in terms of word-for-word dialogue. That’s just really lazy screenwriting. Maybe it was also a weak attempt at drawing analogies to the LotR films, but even if, it was poorly done.

The change between the two trilogies was fascinating. The digital Hobbits with the 48 fps and 3D and then the analogue Lord of the Rings, which had none of that, was a massive step down in quality, footage-wise. I still can’t quite grasp that so much changed in ten years, that they really look so old on the big screen compared to a recent release. It’s amazing.
This has also been the first time that I have seen all three LotR in cinema; so far I’d stayed away from all sorts of triple specials. For the Two Towers, it was actually the first time I’d ever seen it on the big screen ever. So yay, I can cross that off on my bucket list as well!
I missed those movies so much. I’d forgotten how much I loved them, so much so that I still remembered almost every line, even though I’ve sort of abandoned my annual rewatch. I should do those again.

When The Fellowship of the Ring started, I’d reached a point where I felt really tired. I closed my eyes during a couple of scenes (especially towards the beginning – goddd they take so long to finally leave the Shire), but it wasn’t until The Two Towers that I actually dozed off for a couple of minutes. The only problem I really had was that I couldn’t stretch out my legs enough and my knees started to hurt like hell. My legs are too long. :c
For the last film, we switched screening rooms though (mainly because the cinema staff wanted to clean the old one and prepare it for the general public), and we managed to snatch up to couple seats next to each other – you know, two seat next to each other without an armrest in between, so that couples don’t have to spend those three armrest inches away from each other for three whole hours – so we basically just lay there sprawled across our seats for the last four and a half hours.
Yes. Four and a half hours. That’s how long the Extended Edition of Return of the King is. I had actually no idea myself. I’ve watched it so many times without actually realising that. Jeez.

There were actually some people who gave up somewhere in between. Granted, some of them probably had to go to work or something – for those, kudos to you for going to work without a minute of sleep! – but some were just weak. (Muahahah.)
For the not-quite-so-weak ones, the cinema sold t-shirts to commemorate the occasion. Of course I couldn’t resist:


I don’t regret a single thing. Well, maybe I should have bought a different breakfast, because the weetabix I had just tasted like wet cardboard. To me, at least. The CINEPLEX are doing a repeat of this whole shebang in January. If I had another 40€ to spare I … probably still wouldn’t do it again. Not this soon. Next season maybe. Though next November it’s time for a Hunger Games marathon first …

Massive props to the staff at CINEPLEX by the way, everything went incredibly smoothly (weeeell … the Lord of the Rings movies didn’t have subtitles for the Elvish dialogue) and the host managed to stay eerily energetic throughout (though I bet he didn’t watch the films and instead took a nap in the projector’s room or something, nobody can be THAT cheerful on caffeine only)!

10869440_10153419810313242_8893565170147705602_oYay group pic!


Thoughts on: Star Trek, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel


Okay, okay, okay. This is important. I watched three films I was dying to see, although I’m not really a hardcore fanperson of any of them. I’ve never touched a single Superman comic (nor Iron Man, for that matter – I just don’t really read comic books. Props to the person who’ll get me into them. I’m incredibly interested, but since I didn’t grow up with them I’m overwhelmed by the choices). I haven’t grown up with Star Trek, either. Well, I have seen one of the older films: “the one with the whale”, which turned out to be Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. And sort of absorbed general Star Trek knowledge through geek culture. It also helps that several of the Star Trek series are now showing on  the German Syfy channel almost constantly. And still I’ve jumped on the tumblr bandwagon and became invested in ALL the fandoms. Such a nerd girl hurrrdurrr. /sarcasm

Now, whoever reads past this point:
Everything following the break will be riddled with SPOILERS.
If you haven’t seen any one of the three films and care about not being spoilered, stop reading. Sorry.
Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice and Its Adaptions

Sometimes you don’t realise you’re a fan of something until you take a step back, look at the situation and go “Huh, I really do like this a lot”. Or at least that’s what it’s like for me sometimes. One of those things is Pride and Prejudice. I’ve been trying to think back to my first “contact” with this piece of art, and to be honest – I’m not really sure. I was slightly familiar with the story, but I think the first time I fully concerned myself with it was the 2005 film adaptation of it. Back when I still liked Keira Knightley. For shame.

Since then, nothing, for a long time. And suddenly, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries happened. For those of you who somehow miss out on the greatest part of the internet and haven’t heard of this, TLBD are a YouTube web series, in which Elizabeth Bennet is a 21st century communication student, making a bi-weekly vlog as her dissertation project (click here for the playlist). Since the whole thing was co-produced by one of the vlogbrothers, Hank Green, of course I had to watch it. And since then, things just kind of started rolling.

I watched the BBC series, which is definitely one of my favourite adaptations so far. It’s a lot better than the (more recent) film, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. I don’t know what it is with recent costume dramas, but they all seem to kind of suck in comparison to those of the late 90s. But I might just be biased by my ever-growing dislike of Keira Knightley and her protruding chin.

I also finally finished reading the original (yay!). And seriously, that is kind of an achievement, because I struggle to find the focus to read anything at the moment. Since I have a kindle app on my iPhone and Pride and Prejudice is free in the kindle store (double yay!), I had no excuse not to read on those long Tube journey without mobile phone reception. And I have to say, Darcy seems a lot more likeable in the book than in any of the adaptations, and Elizabeth comes of as much more of a bitch. So yay for going back to the basics!

The latest sort-of-adaptation I took to was another BBC series – Lost in Austen. Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Some stuff the BBC produces are real gems, but this thing? *shudder* Good thing I was very bored and had nothing else to do, because this was horrible! And kind of pointless, too. It’s about Amanda, an obsessive Pride & Prejudice fan, who gets sent into the story, while Elizabeth Bennet moves to 21st century England. Not a very new premise, and uhm … not very well dealt with. Yeah. Not recommendable.

I do love Pride and Prejudice though. It definitely creeped up on me. Hah. Next thing on my list? Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

What are your thoughts about this book, and Jane Austen in general? x

Avengers, Assemble!

Oh wow. So today, I went to the cinema. The Avengers. Four cinemas in Germany (in Essen, Berlin, Paderborn and … the last one somehow wasn’t mentioned?) had the chance to watch a livestream of the European premiere in London, as well as a preview of the film itself (in English – yay!) afterwards. Of course I couldn’t miss out on that. Not even for 10€. (Though those are actually standard ticket prices in most cinemas … especially for 3D versions. Ow ow ow.)

The whole racket was very … interesting right from the start. Especially peculiar were the four men in black suits, who kept a careful eye on us, so that nobody would get out their mobile or camera during the film. It hasn’t officially been released yet, after all – anywhere.
On Germany’s side, all of it was presented by the German TV channel ProSieben. Unfortunately. Though luckily they had problems with the satellite transmission at first, so we saw the official British broadcast. But at some point the *cough* brilliant *cough* Annemarie Warnkross butted in. And began babbling away. Bullshit, at that. Lots of bullshit. It went from “Eric Bänä”, who played the Hulk before Mark Ruffalo did, to “si ÄH-wenndschas” (emphasis on “ÄH”), which we would get to see soon. The two actresses she literally screeched (!) at about how awesome their dresses were, asked them the most generic questions (“How long did you have to work out to fit in your outfit??” – “Was it great to finally get to hit boys??) and in short … just embarrassed herself exorbitantly. I found the original presentation of the whole Red Carpet show at Westfield Shopping Centre a  great deal more interesting. The universal mood in our cinema suggested the same thing. After the event as well, when I was on my way outside, I heard several voices again and again about how it’s “no wonder that the world doesn’t hold a great opinion on Germany, if we send people like that to such events”. Absolutely agreed.

Enough of feeling embarrassed for other people (or “Fremdschämen”, as we Germans like to call it ;D), more about the film. I have rarely enjoyed a film that much! Or at least the last time was very, very long ago. Of course the film is very high-paced – it’s an action film, after all – so all the jokes were delivered in similar pace. Especially if you have a character like Tony Stark on the list. It was engaging, suspenseful, funny, and above all else: well made.
What I’d forgotten (and thus didn’t bring contacts, grrr) was, that it was showing in 3D. I’ve seen a few films in 3D before (Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and I could swear there was another one that is escaping me at the moment), and slowly they really seem to be getting the hang of it, those film makers. While it was very interesting, but headache-inducing in Avatar, and wasn’t really used  well enough in Pirates, The Avengers really offered a good measure of 3D work. There was a lot of playing around with settings and shots, interesting perspectives and gadgetry, it really fit well and didn’t make you dizzy. Apart from this one thing. One building. In front of the Stark tower, there was an old-fashioned building with statues on top of it. You know the type, like the quadriga on top of Brandenburg gate, for example. Those statures are flat in more than one scene. Technically it was over much too soon to really see it / say much about it, but I could swear … !!
But that’s the only 3D “faux pas” that I recognised.

I’d love to tell you more about the brilliant jokes, but unfortunately, pretty much all of them are spoilering the film a lot, so I’ll keep them to myself. So the only thing that’s left for me to say is:

The German release date for The Avengers is the 26th of April. 🙂

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