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Photos: London Summer 2017 with Arno

After having done a couple of photo shoots, I’m definitely starting to realise my deficits. Posing. Framing. Focus. It was very comforting to me to hear that even professional full-time photographers like my all-time favourites from Mango Street swear by auto-focus. You still need to know how to work that babe, but it’s all a wonderful journey, isn’t it? Well, this past summer I went to London for a convention and got a lil snap-happy. So did my model Arno and stole my camera at times. So rude. 

All photos were taken with the Canon 700D and either the f/1.8 50mm or the f/3.5-5.5 18-55mm kit lens.

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Photos: Aimee & Anna, Bielefeld

It’s honestly a travesty that I have this expensive camera lying around and hardly ever use it. Last year I suggested in a very half-arsed attempt that I should shoot pictures of my friends to practise, and loads were interested, but then I fell into a little whole and nothing ever came of it. Buuut that’s all changing now, so I grabbed my Canon 700D and my two friends and headed to an empty shopping centre in Bielefeld. It’s not exactly abandoned; there are still shops on the ground floor, but the upper floors only house offices now. It’s such a pretty location! I have to get used to my camera again and the shutter is annoyingly half-broken (probably a loose contact or something), so the photos weren’t quite as sharp and in focus as they need to be … but we still managed to get a couple of pretty shots. Have a look!

All photos were taken with the Canon 700D and either the f/1.8 50mm or the f/3.5-5.5 18-55mm kit lens.

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Busy bumblebees – Photoset

You know how I have this wonderful DSLR lying around that I begged people to get me, to film videos and take lots of photos? That same camera that’s just sitting on my shelf collecting dust most of the time?
Well one of my goals this summer is to take loads more pictures. The sun was doing its thing and the bumblebees are loving the wild flowers my flatmate planted on our balcony – so I went and snapped a few pics, paparazza style.

Bumble bee on Phacelia tanacetifolia | Phacelia tanacetifolia | Bumble bee on Phacelia tanacetifolia |

Planting these was such a great decision. We fully expected them to be a colourful mix of different flowers though, as it looked that way on the label. The little sachet was called “Bienenschmaus” – German for “bee feast”. And it certainly is. Well, I haven’t seen any honey bees around just yet, but the bumblebees are loving itBumble bee on Phacelia tanacetifolia | Bumble bee on Phacelia tanacetifolia |

A little bit of research has revealed that the plant that has apparently defeated all other wild flowers appears to be Phacelia tanacetifolia, also called lacy phacelia or blue tansy. They bloom from early June (yup can confirm) til the end of September – which means they’ll be around for a while, yay! Bumble bee on Phacelia tanacetifolia | Bumble bee on Phacelia tanacetifolia |

I’m really curious to see if I can catch a honey bee feasting on the tansies, but maybe there just aren’t any around where we live? Or maybe we need to plant more flowers, hehe. Not that I’d mind, at all!Phacelia tanacetifolia |

All images © 2016 Daniela Struck. Do not use or distribute without permission.

Analogue, bitches!

My brother got me an analogue SLR camera for my birthday.
I have been dying to do more with photography, so this gift opened up a whole lot of opportunities.

Now, I’ve never owned anything but point & shoot cameras.
No DSLRs. No bridge cameras. Most of my cameras didn’t even have a manual mode.

So really, I am entirely new to … well, to everything. Aperture? Exposure time? Go away, you’re scaring me!


I am the proud owner of an Olympus OM-10 (with the standard 1/1.8 lens).
And I’m here today to show you the first baby steps.


(Damn, getting the focus right is hard.)


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{German} Project 365

Ich wollte schon immer immer immer bei einem 365 Projekt mitmachen. Das Prinzip erklärt sich ja eigentlich schon vom Namen … 365 Tage, ein Foto. Von was auch immer. Manche machen ja Fotos von sich, jeden Tag (das überlege ich auch noch, aber ich mag Fotos von mir selbst nicht so, von daher… jeden Tag? Eeek!). Ich versuche zurzeit, jeden Tag ein Foto zu machen, was irgendwie den Tag bzw. meine Aktivitäten zusammen fast bzw. einen interessanten Aspekt herausgreift. Gut, manchmal gibt es auch Füllerbilder weil einfach nix los ist.

Vor ein paar Jahren, 2007 glaube ich, hatte ich das Projekt schon einmal versucht und bin schon während der zweiten Woche kläglich gescheiert. Diesmal hab ich schon drei Wochen durchgehalten und es macht sehr viel Spaß! Alle Fotos mache ich mit meinem iPhone & Instragram, was sicherlich auch dazu beiträgt, dass ich es noch nicht vergessen hab. Mein Handy hab ich schließlich immer bei mir.

Es macht so wahnsinnig Spaß! Und natürlich zeigen die Fotos jetzt kein großartig fotografisches Können, mal eben mit dem Smartphone losknipsen und einen schicken Filter drüberlegen kann schließlich jeder… trotzdem gefallen mir die Fotos sehr und es ist immer wieder schön, sich ein neues Motiv für den Tag ausdenken zu können. Auf dass ich die nächsten 345 Tage genauso gut mitmache!

Meine Fotos dazu findet ihr sowohl bei meiner 365Project Seite als auch auf meinem Flickr Photostream.